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A submission for Make games. 24

Hello everyone, just a quick update now, gotta leave home in a couple minutes. I made an octopus. I think he turned out pretty good. What do you think about him?

I didn't have much time today, so I decided to do something small.

So originally the timer in game would only show the number of seconds, but now it formats it as minutes with seconds.

I haven't been home at all today; literally I woke up at work from last night and am sleeping here again tonight. So I haven't had access to dev environment. Instead, I dug up the google doc for my next big solo game and dug through it, since I could do that during a break.

I spend an hour polishing it and rewriting parts I didn't like. Specifically, I tweaked the rules for offscreen combat to be a little less dumb and a little more under the players' control. I revisited my enemy archetypes and made them a little more exciting and less cliche. I made combat zones have more obvious effects for combatants, both when the players is fighting there and when they are fighting elsewhere. Finally, I have revised my decision to only allow one player character to be involved in combat at a time. There will now be one onscreen combat with, and the ability to move your party to participate in multiple offscreen combats simultaneously

Weeee. I'm an ideas man that spent his chunk of time today coming up with more ideas. How productive.

What does it mean to see? Is what you perceive also perceiving you back? Is the interpretation of the senses that are witnessed on the inside of the cornea truly an accurate depiction of what is actually on the other side?

Philosophical questions aside, my agents now have some rudimentary vision capacity. If they want to catch you, they will head toward you while you are in their visual range, but get lost if you are outside of that range for a long enough time. This will come in handy when you want to sneak into the pantry and witness the maid and the prince getting into trouble while letting slip some very important secrets that you may want to profit from later...

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A submission for Make games. 24

Today I started working in some of the artists new stuff, and a bit of toying with AI, I'll show it after some cleanup.

Edit, kinda glitchy but artful gifs:


This was a quite productive day. Some of the things that were done:

  • added 2 victory scenarios
    • population victory (be the first one to get X amount of population)
    • technology victory (be the first one to finish all researches)
  • added bonuses to choose from before starting a new game
  • added information popups

The victory scenarios will still be changed. I am planning to add even more victory scenarios in the future to make the game more interesting to play over and over again.

Yesterday's update can be found here.
In a case of any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me here or on twitter. ;)

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Made music for new "states" the room enters (think of it as new levels the player reaches, but still in the same room.)

I'm not exactly a musician, so these tunes aren't anything spectacular.

You can find the first track here, and the second one here.