Submissions from 2015-02-10 to 2015-02-11 (7 total)

Hey, not much new today, just a couple more fps. 24 on a very resource intensive level (15 previously) :D If I ever manage to do 30 fps on that level on a slower pc (mine is mid/high end), I'll make something exclusive for all active participants of this streak.

So... Today I worked on making AI decide when to increase the population and when not.It went better than I expected - it seems to be working more or less fine. Only some minor changes in formulas or quotients should be made.

I also started to learn about neural networks. If everything goes well I might even try to implement them in the game. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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These guys turned out super cute! :D :3 I love the thought of having super big and super small aliens interacting with each other! ^^

Blocks fall now!

In the original "One Room Dungeon," blocks just kind of pop into existence from their shadows. Now, blocks fall from the top of the screen (just cosmetic, they can only squish you if you are standing where they land.) I think it looks nicer, but I might make the effect more subtle.

I am almost done recreating the original "One Room Dungeon." I should have around 10 days left after that to implement new mechanics, like boss battles, collectible items, characters, etc.

Today I worked on the initial unit movement, no transitions just pick up and drop. You can quick cycle through the units with the "." key. I did add a possible movements highlight but as you can see below this is entirely ignored. Also the world's bounds aren't adhered to...

Tomorrow I'll look into actually calculating tile type cost and distance cost. I'll need to calculate the cost to every tile on the map from the unit's current position. I think that would involve some dijkstra? Not sure, never done path finding.