These guys turned out super cute! :D :3 I love the thought of having super big and super small aliens interacting with each other! ^^

ditto9 years ago

@saluk I'm all about aesthetic consistency! :D

saluk9 years ago

@ditto - I'm all for oldschool techniques - but you also made sure to animate things that didn't need it so that they fit the aesthetic. Kudos.

ditto9 years ago

@jellyislovely Thanks! I'm happy with the colors as well, and their generated randomly as well ^^

@saluk Thanks! :D Wish it was some cool rendering trick, but it's just me drawing the sprites like a 5 year old! :D

jellyislovely9 years ago

That art style is just brilliant, the colours work really well.

saluk9 years ago

Aw, super cute, I love the squiggly rendering.

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