Blocks fall now!

In the original "One Room Dungeon," blocks just kind of pop into existence from their shadows. Now, blocks fall from the top of the screen (just cosmetic, they can only squish you if you are standing where they land.) I think it looks nicer, but I might make the effect more subtle.

I am almost done recreating the original "One Room Dungeon." I should have around 10 days left after that to implement new mechanics, like boss battles, collectible items, characters, etc.

Make games.

Work on some aspect of a game, let's say 5 days a week.

daily from 2015-01-25 to 2016-01-25

"One Room Dungeon" remake

Remaking my Ludum Dare game "One Room Dungeon" one day at a time.

daily from 2015-01-27 to 2015-02-28