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Decided to make something using exclusively samples from an old space rock album called Green by Steve Hillage. The tracks I sampled from are 'Ether Ships', 'Unidentified (Flying Being)' and 'UFO Over Paris'.

Whoops, guess I missed a few weeks... or maybe a dozen. Ended up burning myself out and was pretty busy so didn't have the time to make much music, but been working on a few things recently. This track's based around samples from Stars by Simply Red.

This is a chord melody arrangement of the jazz standard 'Embraceable You'. This was mainly done as an exercise in utilising different guitar chord voicings, particularly drop 2 and 3 voicings.

Will probably continue working on this next week.

Pretty much what the title says. Similar to what I made last week.

An overly sentimental guitar thing I came up with this afternoon. Strangely, this is the first thing I've posted with guitar so far, despite it being my main instrument.

Fucked up and missed last week due to being sick/lack of inspiration. Happy with what I've come up with this week though! This is sort of a sequel to my track 'Adorable Barn Fowl' in terms of sound and style.

Late again, which seems to be a recurring theme at this point. This piece started with the piano idea at the beginning and just kind of developed naturally from there.

Something I came up with very quickly this evening. Had a lack of inspiration this week.

This week I've tried my hand at some Nujabes style instrumental hip-hop production. Completely new territory for me and was an absolute ton of fun.

The main piano sample is this piece by Nikolai Kapustin. There were a bunch of other orchestral samples, but I don't really see the point in listing those off too:

Very late on this one and I'm not sure I'm really finished with this track, but I guess I have to post something! This was definitely my toughest week yet as I've found myself falling in to the trap of being too much of a perfectionist, which is just not an option when you have to come up with something every week. Hopefully as the year goes on I'll be able to quell that a bit.

Made a little electric piano piece for this week.

This was heavily inspired by video game music and stuff by guys like FLOOR BABA and Nelward. Hope you guys enjoy!

Edit: Re-uploaded as an mp3.

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