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last second every week, i don't even know what this is

first late submission, missed it by 24 seconds :(

don't narc on me plz

last second clunker

had lots of fun with this one

last few tracks have been really tossed together at the last minute. hoping to get some focused modular time this week with a couple of new modules.

anyway there's a trend here: when you don't have any great ideas just crank up the 80s aesthetic

generic 80s horror suspense thing. very rushed, very boring.

just fucking around with my tiny eurorack setup this week. all sounds from the modular except for my dumb singing.

half-assed remix of a track from a few weeks ago

i dunno

i think there is something here but i didn't really find it. will revisit.

a celebration of one of the president's favorite travel pastimes. going to do a little more work on it and release as a single. moog mother 32 and some soft synths.

hey they can't all be winners

Completed streaks