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i just don't like using eraser or redrawing, cleaning etc.

Just watched this movie Future Folk on Netflix and loved it :)

Quick sketch/study in an attempt to learn color mixing and picking colors and using photoshop brushes.

New loader ruined everything, syncing problems everywhere.
Made the game running with quick fixes and achieved to finish one more tutorial level.
My current goal is to finish tutorial even if it means patching everywhere with dirty code.
I need the feel of achieving something. having something to play. Or my brain is damaged during one of those crunches and I can not live without one.

Then I'll go back and refactor everything.
It's a good approach I guess because every time somethings breaks I take notes on how to fix them, what to add, what did went wrong etc..

next week will be a little boring but now I'm having some fun :)

There was an item called PrefabLoader in my task list for today.
Instead of writing a prefab that loads other prefabs, I decided to create another scene for default game objects, and edit the level loader to load default objects scene additively before levels.
Of course some minor refactoring needed but this is a kind of poor mans nested prefabs I guess.

After 45 speed drawings that each one mostly took 30 sec to 1 min.
I’ve spend 4 min on this.

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