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Just getting back into it after a few weeks break.

A little more time for these sketches today...

Some eyes and faces. Thinking about being quicker to sketch a face, so that my figure drawings don't all end up with blank balls for heads.

Again some quick sketches via Croquis Cafe. Pretty busy these days...

Using this Croquis Cafe video, I did a bunch of figure drawings, mostly armatures but some more detailed ones, like this lying male.

Going through my youtube art video tuts I saved I found Stick To Figure, a process that seemed to agree with me. I spent some time fiddling with it and I think it might be a good way to do figure drawings for a while.

More gesture and pose sketches to improve anatomy. This is just a small subset since my scanner is crap and I'm currently without a smart phone - so no decent camera.

Still sketching gestures and poses, the goal is to improve my grasp of the human proportions. I feel like there's some progress as I get back into the groove.

Also the scan quality is horrible. Sorry.

My current aim is to improve my proportions and anatomy so I've dug out an old anatomy book and did a few quick figure/gesture drawings. It seems I'm a lot quicker, when I use the broad side of the pencil and not the point.

Trying to get back into it, I've watched some figure drawing tutorials and scribbled some. That's one of the results. With a tablet this time.

This is the last of a bunch of warmup sketches done with this awesome figure drawing tool:

Unfortunately I don't really have a good camera at the moment, so the picture is pretty blurry...

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