Started 6 years ago (2015-02-09T08:00:00Z).
Ended 6 years ago (2015-03-31T08:00:00Z).

I will work on programming the indie game Iktsua, for 1 hour every day.

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Day 24: I updated the project to unity 5 and was promptly greated by 200+ errors. I spent all night fixing them all. I ended with 34. Looks like I know what I am doing tomorrow too.

I worked on optimizing the clouds. I got them to stop taking 10FPS, and take about 1-2FPS.

I also fixed more of those little red error messages in the console :P

I played around with fur shaders. There are basically no good free ones. Will have to:

  • buy one
  • make my own
  • texture animals and not use fur

I added the dog to boss fights to see how it felt. None of the bosses were afraid of the dog, so it seemed sort of useless. I think we have to redesign the boss fight to make it make more sense with the Husky.

Continued optimizing AI code to run faster/with less memory.

I added volumetric clouds and killed fog. This might get reversed.

  • Learned how to apply textures, normal maps, and spec maps all at once.
  • Fixed a glitch where the seal revives when you are far away
  • Added the new seal. Complete with textures, model, and animation updates.
  • Optimized the seal AI script.

Optimized the AI (and husky) scripts so that they take less memory and execute faster. I developed them all by continuously adding functionality until I was happy with the game. Now that I know what the AI should do I can program them with the full road map in my mind, and I can make it much more streamlined and optimized.

I fixed a bug where the game would lag really bad if you died. This was because the husky was constantly looking for you, but you weren't there.

Poor dog, his master died, but he continued to search for him...

P.S. I also updated the rest of our website :)

Today I worked on the Iktsua website. Link coming soon!

I'm so sad. I missed yesterday due to laziness and bad planning. I made up for it by spending extra time on today. Today I worked on:

  • Making the husky not run in circles when he was bored.
  • Tested how hunting with the husky felt.
  • Tweaked animal AI to facilitate using the Husky to hunt

Match animations and animation speeds to actual dog movements. It was really hard.

  • Tweaked all of the dogs movement values to make movement more believable.
  • Stopped the dog from getting too excited and running into you on accident
  • Stopped the dog from circling for no reason when he was following you
  • prepared a build for dog alpha testers

Today's log comes to you in the form of a skype chat!

[10:37:52 PM] iamscissors: ross

[10:37:52 PM] iamscissors: stuff

[10:37:57 PM] Ross MR.C: stuff

[10:37:58 PM] iamscissors: First:

[10:38:09 PM] iamscissors: I seperated the movement and the state machine programming

[10:38:23 PM] iamscissors: this way the movement never knows what is happening in the state machine

[10:38:33 PM] Ross MR.C: alrighty.

[10:38:35 PM] iamscissors: it just knows where it needs to go

[10:38:55 PM] iamscissors: this simplifies everything because I dont have to worry about what is actually happening

[10:39:01 PM] Ross MR.C: ^

[10:39:16 PM] iamscissors: if it gets close it slows down, and if its far it speeds up and if its off target it turns etc etc

[10:39:18 PM] iamscissors: Second:

[10:39:44 PM] iamscissors: as is usual in these things, the best solution I found was a mix of the two extremem methods of movement

[10:40:04 PM] iamscissors: originally we had no acceleration, and no turning, just jumps to the right direction and speed

[10:40:14 PM] iamscissors: then we had slow turns and slow acceleration

[10:40:18 PM] iamscissors: I combined them both

[10:40:36 PM] iamscissors: so you instantly start at .4-.5 of your max speed and then accelerate the rest

[10:40:48 PM] Ross MR.C: sounds like it is looks way better

Tweaked and reworked the husky to make his movements more organic/lifelike. Worked on transitioning between states smoothly.


  • Lowered the husky origin so it didn't look weird when it rotated
  • Fixed glitch were dog kept running past destination
  • Slowed dog down as he approached his destination (to make it slightly smoother/more realistic)


  • Dog can be forced through stage walls
  • Need a trot animation


  • Stopped the Husky from falling through the ground when colliding with multiple objects
  • Slowed the Husky down when he runs through snow drifts
  • Dog cannot be controlled unless coat is off
  • Dog now picks up meat every time
  • Adjusted dog hit box to be more realistic
  • Dog turns smoothly instead of instantly.


  • Dog can be forced through stage walls
  • Dog sometimes comes to rest rotated (not directly on the ground)
  • Dog doesnt stop running