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Genre: action game, first person shooter, rail shooter.
Audience: People who action games, motion control games, hitting long distence targets.
Platforms: PS4, switch.
You are part of a secret government agency on a special mission, to stop monsters invading the region, in order to save people and end the catastrophe.
Your weapons are: blaster (for quick shots) and bow with bomb arrows.
Bomb arrows are limited, so they must be used wisely and will vary depending on the level.
There are different types of missions:
Solo: You will run through places like the street or roofs of buildings, these missions will be carried out for slightly invaded areas, when jumping from buildings or any high place, it will activate the slow motion.
On a vehicle: For missions of persecution, for example, confrontation with big monsters (most likely for bosses).
Team: There will be many enemies, but your teammates will follow you and support you.
How to control the game:
You can't move yout character, all movement is automatic.
You can move de camera, and on the screen, there will be flashes on the left, down, up depending where the enemies are approaching.
When shooting bomb arrows there'll be a meter, the more it fills, the bigger is the explosion.
Assingned button to activate slow motion (just in the easy mode).
There'll be some close combat scenes, to fight well just press the button that appears on screen at the right time.
This game has options like:
Volume of music.
Button configuration.
Change the language.
Disable controls vibration.
Select difficulty (Easy or Normal).
Turn on/off subtitles.
Change Intensity of the flashes on screen (to indicate where the enemies come from)

Music: (Accelerated world)

Genre: Sci-fi/Space Odyssey/Third Person Platformer/Tower Defense
Platform: PC/PS4

Audience: For people who are environmentally conscious abbout their planet and want to do a better place of it. And for those who like a space adventure like no other.

Description: Planet Earth is no longer substantial for living beings, so humans created Spatti, gigantic spacecraft capable of surviving hundreds of years in outer space, with all the necessary resources in it for human survival.

Due to the enormous pollution of the planet, there is something that people did not notice, the plants began to mutate into beasts of little intellect, hungry revenge and nutrients.

3 ships were created for the whole world, and these went to different corners of the galaxy to find a habitable planet for them, without knowing that in one of the ships there would be a seed that would cause chaos.

In the game you will not start like humans, but as a small mutant seed that managed to enter one of the ships. Your main objective is to infect healthy plants on the ship.

Gameplay: As you are at the beginning a small plant / seed, you will have to be cautious to evolve into something more lethal. To evolve you will have to feed on plant nutrients at the beginning, because humans would be a danger to you at first.

After the seed state you will pass to the state of shoot, being in this evolutionary zone you can eat small animals, such as cockroaches or mice, the more you feed on living beings, the faster you will evolve.

The last state, is plant, and after becoming a fully grown plant, you will start to increase in size with what you eat, reaching a state of not being able to move from the enormous you are, reaching the extra state of the game.

Colony or forest, in this state, you will be able to create more seeds, these will grow instantaneously in already evolved plants, to continue with the reproduction of nutrients and to be able to obtain the domain of that ship.

To create seeds, you will have to use nutrients, which you have collected from the seed state, with enough nutrients, you can control an army, sometimes you will have to be strategic, there will be humans who will be immune to the effect, so you must use a parasite , the same that has made mutants to the plants of the earth.

Ophiocordyceps, known before only to infect ants and take them to suicide, evolved making this a new guest, humans, alters their behavior, leading them to a state of intoxication, to the point of taming them completely, using them as puppets.

Accesibility: Some of the colors in the game can be irritating to the eye, in the options menu you can change that.

Initiating Harvest (
The First Human (
An Unstoppable Threat (

Images for Inspiration:
-Monster State -
-Plant State -

FutoClyma tra.docx845kb


Genre: Action / Adventure
Platform: PC
Audience: for lovers of shooting games
The game is in a first person perspective of shots the player can move with the right joystick and make the protagonist interact with the scenarios. The player can use the coach mode to configure the control, as he likes.
The game focuses on Itan Dan one of the best soldiers of the United States Army is sent to a very lethal mission to infiltrate a terrorist cell called Sun Dawn, needs to collect information for the government that works, to prevent the threat of the extremist group.
Itan key name (Ramen) which means noodles, being somewhere in the middle east tas a war of black gold known as oil, is involved with one of the heads of the Sunrise of the Sun, saved his life the receiving a shot in the head that makes him lose part of his memories and having small gaps about his mission.
The only clue he left behind was a twisted sheet with small fragments of meaningless writing.
The campaign is an introduction of the game throughout the missions of the campaign; you will have access to pieces of your memories in order to complete your mission that was assigned.

DENIS RUIZ JUEGO 10.docx99kb

Eh lamento no poder despedirme de la mayoria de ustedes, personalmente... son personas geniales, lamento irme y me encanto conocerlos... no se que decir eh gracias en especial gracias profe. Es el mejor... lo aprecio mucho!

Gracias creadores💡.

Genre: Action, 2D Wrestling, simulation, role, hack and slash

Audience: for people who like to fight with their characters of their choice.

Platform: Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and other consoles.

Description of the game: In this game it is about fighting until you defeat your opponent. besides that he could choose his teachers and heroes from all the regions of elements, as well as heroes, gods and other characters that they like.
There will also be people with great abilities, as well as wise elements of the dimension of the vital elements as opposites, are characters who will show who is the strongest and will have their personal victories when they defeat their opponents.

Also as you advance to other levels of the story you go with a difficulty depending on the character.

In this game it has its history that at that time everything was a kingdom of peace and harmony, where they want to show that they are capable of winning who is the best elemental kingdom best.

Gameplay: the game is played by moving the controls with the move depending on things, as well as attack and defenses and supreme hits.

Accessibility: the game contains some things with blood, the player will have the right to remove with another substance and so they want to change the color depending on whether it is daltonic or not and change the controls for their comfort.

Genero: Shooter, multijugador


Jugadores con interés en shooters pueden hallar una experiencia atractiva en este juego. Principalmente para jugadores que le gusten los juegos shooters que no se toman en serio a si mismos con conceptos de comedia. También para jugadores que le gusten los juegos que te hagan pasar un buen tiempo con amigos.


El universo esta en guerra y los planetas se alzan para luchar. Utiliza las fuerzas de un planeta para atravesar el universo y abandonar tu sistema solar y conquistar otros. Arroja ciudades, cuerpos de agua, alienígenas, montañas, humanos, animales y cualquier tipo de construcción que este en tu superficie. Girando a extremas velocidades arroja tu contenido como munición y destruye otros planetas de otros sistemas solares. Gana el último planeta flotando en el sistema solar.

Conquista los universos en el modo historia. Donde travesaras diversos universos con diferentes planetas que conquistar y vencer. O juega contra tus amigos sobre el control de un sistema solar pero lo primordial es la destrucción de los planetas rivales.


En este juego el avatar que controlas es un planeta que puedes escoger de una lista de planetas tanto existentes como inventados por nosotros. Las mecánicas de este juego son las mismas de cualquier shooter, pero a diferencia del resto, el daño provocado a tu contrincante es irreversible y no hay manera de regenerar la vida de tu personaje. Aparte de esto para recargar tu munición tendrás que estar cerca de la estrella solar del sistema en el que te encuentres luchando. Pero el resto de mecánicas son las mismas apuntar y disparas.

Los niveles son espacios abiertos donde el jugador se podrá mover en todas las direcciones y el movimiento es muy importante en este juego. Centro del mapa esta localizado el sol, donde los jugadores podrán recargar su munición en un radio alrededor de esta área. Pero solo una cierta área se puede recargar, mientras mas cerca del sol el planeta se prendera en fuego y tu munición hará mas daño pero esta se terminara mas rápido. Y si se va lejos del mapa la munición se congelara dado a la lejanía del sol, esta munición en particular hará mas daño y no se destruirá pero estas lejos del sol y en el momento de recargar tendrás que hacer un viaje de regreso al sol donde estas vulnerable para recargar munición.


Dado a la naturaleza de este juego accesibilidad no es una opción muy amplia. Permitiría dejar a los jugadores escoger acciones a botones escogidos por ellos y mientras el juego este en mas desarrollo optaríamos por mas opciones de accesibilidad.


La música de este juego seria de un estilo conocido como synthwave y con muchos tonos de 80’s rock con aspectos de electrónica. Para hacer el sentimiento de que estamos en el espacio.


Audiencia: para gente que le gusta los combates de manera divertida y entretenida.
Género: RPG, acción, estrategia, Fantasía, Hack and Slash, co-op.
Plataforma:playstation,xbox360 y another consoles.
Descripción del juego: En este juego se basa en que había una historia de cinco campeones de diferentes dioses que habían protegido de la masa mas grande de toda la galaxia, era llamado Ultrollon donde el era un respetado rey que al final se ha convertido en un rey mago oscuro poderoso y que los 6 lo habían encarcelado bajo una tumba bajo un sello sagrado.
Eres Villán de Cornaza, eres un joven donde era casi de todo, un digno caballero que le gusta las historias más terroríficas del mundo y apasionado por descubrir un misterio capaz de descubrir la verdad, accidentalmente abriste la tumba sin aviso alguno y el rey malvado se libera para destruir al mundo. Tu objetivo principal es volver a encerrar al malvado rey, hacerse un campeón y salvar al mundo de la destrucción del malvado rey. En tu misión tendrás que vencer a cientos de enemigos y para vencerlos, y no solamente tendrás que luchar los rpg que conoces, sino que puedes transformarte en un monstruo hasta inclusive un dios para destruir a los más perversos guardianes y tendrás armas de fuego como escopeta, pistola y otros para darles fin a ese rey.

Jugabilidad: en este juego se comienza desde el principio hasta el fin con guardar partida y lo demás. Y además juegas con el ratón haciendo clicks con opciones que hagas para derrotar a tus enemigos.

Accesibilidad: en este juego puede aparecer mensajes para los sordos y cambiar los colores para aquellos que sufran de daltonismo.
Música de RPG:

Género: Hack and Slash/Fantasía/Aventura/Acción

Audiencia: Para personas que busquen una aventura de fantasía sin igual, donde la magia se vuelve realidad y criaturas sin igual las cuales podrás presenciar.

Descripción: En un mundo, no como otro, de nombre Molorak, solamente hay 4 planos, en donde los elementos primordiales habitan, esta Kaji, el elemental del fuego eterno, esta Mizu, la elemental del agua, esta Jimen, la elemental de la tierra, y por último esta Kaze, el elemental de los vientos. Cada uno de ellos busca gobernar al otro, pero solo un elemento puede gobernar a todos.

Empiezas tu historia siendo el hijo/hija de uno de los 4 elementales. Si eliges el fuego, nacerás como Ogon, si eliges el agua nacerás como Voda, si eliges la tierra nacerás como Zemlya, y si eliges ser el viento nacerás como Veter.

Cada uno de ellos posee su propia historia, y cada uno de ellos tiene el mismo objetivo que todos, darle apoyo a su progenitor para conquitar a todos los elementos.

Pero algo anda mal, el planeta se ve corrupto poco a poco, notas que el comportamiento de conquista no es normal de los elementales, alguien más quiere tener el control de todo, y esos eran los dioses antiguos. Las primeras entidades en darle vida a la tierra, asignando elementos, cada uno por una sed de conquistar la tierra.

Tu nueva misión es simple, romper la maldición que une al dios antiguo que controla a tu padre/madre, e intentar derrotar a los dioses antiguos de una vez por todas.

Jugabilidad: Dependiendo de quien hayas escogido, empiezas en tu lugar de origen, para aprender lo básico, tu padre/madre ha dejado esbirros elementales a tu servicio para entrenar. Luego de ello, te aventuras en una larga travesía para cumplir el recado de tu progenitor.

Con derrotar mas jefes, conseguirás más habilidades de tu elemento específico, para poder tener un potencial mayor contra enemigos.

Si se logra completar la fase de conquista, al ya saber sobre los dioses antiguos, la jugabilidad cambia, y una opción nueva aparece, la fusión elemental, donde dos elementos se unen para aumentar su fuerza y destruir al enemigo. Eso solo lo pueden hacer los personajes principales, las fusiones con otros elementales suelen causar monstruos sin voluntad propia.

Accesibilidad: Como el juego contará de mucha iluminación, se le puede bajar el brillo al gusto del jugador.

Música de Referencia:
-Plano del Fuego (
-Plano del Viento (
-Plano del Agua (
-Plano de la Tierra (

Imágenes de referencia:
-Ogon (
-Voda (
-Zemlya (
-Veter (
-Los planos elementales divididos (

Género: Plataforma, co-op.
Plataformas: Switch, PC.
Audiencia: personas a las que les justan juegos de variados niveles, probar su astucia, personas que les guste juegos sencillos que no se enfoquen tanto en la historia, personas a las que les gusta pelear por la gloria.
Este juego de plataforma se puede jugar de 1 o 2 jugadores . El la modalidad de un jugador son 6 mundos en los cuales hay 7 niveles por mundo.
Hay diferentes armas que se pueden utilizar avanzando en el juego, en el primer nivel de cada mundo se obtiene un arma nueva y cada mundo estará compuesto de niveles que hacen que priorices el uso del arma conseguida en cada nivel.
Las armas son:
-Espada(ataques de corto alcance)
-Pistola láser(se puede cargar y tiene 3 niveles se daño)
-Boomerang(al momento de ser lanzado se puede direccionar y al regresar atraviesa paredes)
-Reflector(refleja los proyectiles de los enemigos)
-Gancho(puede hacer daño a enemigos pero principalmente se usa para adherirse a ciertos tipos de paredes ejemplo: madera)
-Martillo(aturde a enemigos cercanos y rompe paredes agrietadas)
En el modo de dos jugadores se juega similar al de un jugador a diferencia de que la única arma que tendrán en común sera la espada, para conseguir las otras los jugadores pueden elegir o dejársela a su compañero, o batallar por esta, que en ese caso se teletranportarían a un pequeño escenario, con abismos en los bordes y solo podrán usar la espada, el primero que caiga pierde y el otro se queda con la espada.
El modo individual y multijugador tendrán guardados de partida por separado, cada uno con tres partidas.
Cómo controlar el juego:
Palanca izquierda/WASD para moverse izquierda o derecha, apuntar hacia arriba y agacharse
Función de botones, saltar, usar arma 1 usar arma 2 y correr.
Las armas se pueden cambiar en el menú de pausa.
Si aprietas el botón de salto cerca de una pared, se puede hacer un walljump(salto en pared)

• Cambiar las funciones de los botones.
• Cambiar Idioma.
• Volumen de música, y sonidos.
• Cambiar el nivel de dificultad.(fácil, normal, difícil)
En la dificultad fácil los enemigos hacen la mitad de daño y en la difícil hacen el doble
En la dificultad difícil las espinas matan de un solo golpe.

Música (Sonic Mania)

Imagen: Mega man 11

Plataformas: PC/3DS/Switch

Audiencia: para personas interesadas en juegos donde hasta el más minimo detalle importa a la hora de tomar una decisión, ademas de acatar a una audiencia a los que les agradan los juegos profundos donde hay que tener multiples cosas en cuenta.

Géneros: Novela visual/Aventura/Detectives/Misterio/Suspenso/Drama


Testis te adentra en la piel de un detective cuyo objetivo es resolver casos en la ciudad de Panama, ya sea de robo o asesinato e incluso grandes golpes o atracos. Esto con la mayor precisión posible, asi encontrando al o a los culpables; sin cometer un error, ya que este puede llevar a un inocente tras las rejas o tu reputación podria ser manchada.

Las mecpanicas del juego son sencillas, el juego transcurre de manera libre en la ciudad de panamá y sus alrededores, con más de una centena de locaciones únicas donde pueden iniciar casos, entrevista de testigos o recopilación de pistas. Los casos son dinamicamente generados, podras trabajar hasta 3 casos simultaneamente, cada uno con una trama diferente a la anterior y con sucesos completamente inesperados.

Los casos transcurren por fases, primero visitar la escena del crimen, luego recopilar pistas y entrevistar testigos y de ahi procesar la información y deliberar donde podrias buscar. dentro de la lista de locaciones y asi, encontrar al culpable conforme se va desemvolviendo el caso. La naturaleza del juego permite que se puedan escoger múltiples opciones de dialogo, lo cual afecta como se va desemvolviendo el caso.

La mécanica de reputación funciona de forma tal, que si posees una "alta" y "limpia reputación, se presentaran opciones de dialogo de "policia bueno" y ademas los NPC tendran más confianza en ti. Por otro lado, tener una "baja" y mala reputación ocacionara que se te presenten opciones de dialogo de "Policia malo" y los NPC desconfiaran de ti.

Eventos dinamicos pueden ocurrir durante el caso, como un testigo clave apareciendo, una pista importante, una locación secreta. Todas afectan el flujo del caso y como se ira desemvolviendo.

En cuanto a la historia, Existen tres tipos de casos:
Los casos principales: Estos siguen una trama que te llevara a desenmascarar una red de corrupción masiva en el govierno, envuelta en robo, asesinato, secuestro, etc.

Casos secundarios: Estos son trabajos casos regulares que pueden o no estar enlazados con la trama principal.

Eventos: Estos son eventos dinamicos o pequeños casos que cubren cosas triviales como, seguir a un esposo "infiel", tratar de localizar a un individuo, etc.

Rasgos: Tienes la posibilidad de crear a tu propio detective con 3 rasgos positivos y 2 negativos que afecataran las decisiones y como se maneje tu reputación e incluso como los NPC te traten.


El juego tiene soporte completo para daltonicos, ademas de un selector de dificultad, el cual afecta que tanto afectan tus decisiones en el juego, ademas de un modo "libre" en el cual puedes crear tu propio caso para mayores posibilades.


L.A Noire Soundtrack - Andrew Hale and Simon Hale.

Pelea y Exploración.

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Audiencia/Target Audience:
Todo tipo de público, que le gusten las peleas y aventuras dentro de un marco de competencias.

Descripción/Game Description:

El juego trata de una chica, a la que le mataron los padres, cuando ella era muy pequeña, pero de ese macabro evento solo recuerda que se veía de rojo y cree que es por las rosas rojas, lo que no recuerda es que era por la sangre de sus padres, por lo que ella decide adoptar una vestidura de rojo, que le hace recordar en su andar, el último momento vivido con ellos y la conecta con la naturaleza.

La niña fue criada por unos ancianos, que lograron ocultarla y educarla en artes marciales. En su adolescencia y a medida que avanzan los niveles del juego, va descubriendo que ella posee ciertas habilidades mágicas y poderes, que le permiten defenderse ante eventos sorpresivos y desafiantes.

El juego consta de seis (6) niveles de juego, en donde la chica va creciendo y adquiriendo más poderes, dentro impresionantes imágenes de ciudades rodeadas de paisajes boscosos lagos y montañas, en las diferentes estaciones del año.

Ella, tiene que enfrentarse, sin saber, al mismo grupo culpable de la muerte de sus padres. Al lograr acabar con el jefe del grupo, averiguará toda la verdad y descubrirá que ella tiene la capacidad y un último poder especial, para intercambiar la vida de este maquiavélico ser, por la de sus padres y lograr reunirse con ellos.

El juego se controla con controles perfectamente configurables para necesidades especiales y para ajustar el color para daltónicos, que no puedan apreciar el color rojo de vestido.



Audience: for people who like to create pizzas and other things in their own way interractively, as if it were their own restaurant.

Genre: simulator, strategy, ROL, social interaction

Platforms: PC,playstation,Switch,Xbox and other consoles

Description of the game: this game is based on that you are the employee of the pizzeria and you will arrive late as always, when the boss (who in this case is Jorge but his friends say giorgio) of the restaurant leaves the order to the employee (the name of yours) in charge of the place.His goal is to create pizzas depending on the client that wants to eat, but you will also have to create not only pizzas, but pastas and everything that is eaten in a pizzeria, every 15 days you will have the fortnight, and you can improve the character, as well as the cooking machines and the restaurant itself, the main objective is to make the place pleasant for people. You will have missions as in the restaurant as outside the place, since you can also ask motorized to take people who want them in their homes. Every day is improving or worsening depending on how you handle remember that the boss is on a business trip to expand the business to other countries. Remember that you will have to make the place like the food and the rest is to your liking, because some will give their opinion about your restaurant and manage it in the possible way. In the accessibility part people who are colorblind change their color when they want, although that is asked at the beginning and for the controls they can change it when they want, for the deaf they will have the option of having a clock to say when the order of the client is ready to serve. also not only you can sell pizza, as the restaurant is winning you can add more in the menu, such as ice cream, hamburger, and other things that you can add, you can also improve the kitchen and even challenges that you can win things for your restaurant to be the best one with success unlike the others.
Song found for you pizzeria:
Image Found in:

Genre: accion-adventure, open world, hack and slash.
Audience: People who like long games, action games, psychological interaction, multi-endings games.
Platforms: PS4, Xbox, switch, pc.
The kingdom of heaven and hell formed a truce that lasted millennia. The lord of hell and the supreme goddess fell in love and had two sons, one with the power of light and the other with the power of darkness, after centuries, the lord of hell felt that little by little his kingdom was weakened before heaven, even after the truce, then he betrayed the kingdom of heaven, his troops invaded and he left the kingdom of heaven almost completely destroyed. The supreme goddess was almost dead, his children tried to stop him, almost dying in the attempt, but in a last breath his mother managed to save them by sending them to earth, but they became mortals, losing part of their power.
On a planet called earth the children of these deities fell, as mentioned, both had lost part of their powers. Their job is to defeat every demon lord to recover their power so they can save the world and defeat the demon lord (their father).
Before every mission, the player can choose between the two brothers as the playable character, the other will be your partner and will help you in your adventures, the older one controls the light and the younger one controls the darkness.
While you advance in the game you will be able to make different decisions that will take you along the path of good or along the path of evil that leads to different endings.
How to control the game:
The levels will be giant mazes infested with enemies, puzzles, obstacles ext…
For movement use right joystick, to move camera use left joystick, ,
Face buttons to run, jump/fly(limited), crouch, hit.
Right trigger 2 to defend, Right trigger 1 and left triggers to use abilities

This game has options like:
• Volume of sound, voices and music separately.
• Button configuration.
• Change the language.
• Disable controls vibration.
• Censor blood.
• Turn on/off subtitles.

Music: (The flash/Remix by Styzmask) (The legend of Zelda)

Image: God of War

Género/Genre: Platformer, exploration, puzzle, 3D, misery.

Plataforma/Platform: PC, Switch

Audiencia/Target Audience: People that enjoy puzzles and adventure and to discover hidden mysteries and stories by constantly exploring around.

Descripción/Game Description:

In this game your main objective is to explore through an ancient ruin, you must traverse the mysterious puzzles hidden inside this mystical dungeon-like ruin and discover its mysteries to find a way out.

As a young adventurer you decide to explore all around the world for this world's greatest mysteries until one day you come upon one of those great mysteries, while walking through a forest the world crumble beneath your feet leaving no trace of you left. Later you wake up inside the dungeon with mysterious technologies and ancient history, and security traps and puzzle made to deal with intruders like you.

The puzzle will consist on, quiz puzzles that you will need to answer by discovering the hidden history of the temple so you will always have to pay attention to your surroundings for hidden pieces of information, and the other kind of puzzles will consist on platforming utilizing the mysterious technology the temple possesses like moving platform and the classic spikes of ancient ruins.

The player will move with the left joystick and use the right one to move the camera, he will use the ‘x’ button to jump and the ‘square’ button to interact with the world. This explanation was in reference to a PS4 controller.

The game will have accessibility for easy reconfiguration of the controller and will accept third-party non standard controllers. And will also count with different color gradients and palettes for the different types of color blindness.



Simulation, Light Novel, Indie, Casual, Decisions Making.


This game is for players that enjoy games were they can experience different conversations and interaction with characters with different personalities. Also for players that like games that their actions can affect their experience of the game.

Premise of the Game:

In this game you play as Frederick Stardust if you want to play as a guy, or you can play as Sunny Brads if you want to play as a girl. Throughout their lives they have been the antisocial type only talking when needed, but even though they don’t talk much they are not alone. In their houses objects in the house come to life with personalities that are strangely very specific. This will be important because your character is starting a new job and he could meet people in his job that resemble the personality of these strange friends at your house. So be careful about your dialogue decisions because you could lose or gain new friends.


The game is simple. It’s a dialogue based game where your decisions affect the course and ending of the game. Here you won’t interact with other people but with their personalities. For example one object, like the alarm clock, will have the same personality as a new person that you will meet at your job. You will talk to this object and by choosing the right dialogue answers your character will know how to talk with that person with a similar personality on their job, and return home with a new friend from job but the object with similar personality will stop having the personality because you already know that person. The game ends when you meet the last person which is the love interest of your character.


The gameplay is just choosing the right answer, so the mouse is the only necessary thing to play the game.

Lofi-Hip Hop a type of relaxing music

Image of Reference:

I use this image as inspiration due to how you can interact with characters in a game like Persona 5. This gave me an idea to make a game only based on interactions.

Unknown Future
Gender: Action / It Risks
Platform: PC
Description: List game and gratuitous shots for mobile platforms, pvp, cooperative and campaigns.
In the futurist world of SUN CITY, the humanity suffers a devastating invasion of an unknown race that The past OF THE ETERNAL one was named. In their last defense of the third wall the DARK ones were a race of heroes and legendary warriors that defended the last point of SUN CITY.
As recruit, you have a potential without limits and the possibility of changing the course of the war.
The humanity of the race invasora saves in these campaigns and you/he/she liberates the regions squatters.
Face your rivals in ways multijugador in different scenarios.
In the control power station you will be able to be related with other resistance groups that will be conformed by other players, to visit the merchants, to accept alternative missions to the history,
Also, he/she enjoys the graphics, the very comfortable controls to have a better enjoyment of the game.


Genre: Survival, shooter with vehicles
Platform: PC
Audience: people with an interest in the maritime and the shooter from the perspective of a vehicle, lovers of boats and transport on water, young people from 12 onwards.
Game description:
You will control a warship, which must defeat other ships found on a map to complete its mission and win the war.
In this game you will have to survive hordes of enemies, you must defeat a certain number of these to pass the round, giving a total of 5 rounds and one more for the boss, each time you finish 1 round you can recover your life and your ammunition lost throughout the battle, once the level is finished you can advance and your progress will be saved automatically, every time you finish a round you will earn points of money, which will be used to buy objects in the store that will be of help to be able to complete the levels, adding a bit of ease, since, you will notice the change of difficulty each time you pass level, making the enemies more and more resistant and stronger.
You control the mobility of the boat with the arrow keys, you can move the camera, which will be located in the third person on the boat, with the mouse and shoot the missiles with the right click, the command "O" of the keyboard will be use to fire the machine gun and the command "P" will be pressed to pause.

We will have a menu that will allow you to adjust the game, the graphics, the sound, the volume of the music. In addition to having a color blind mode and the ability to change the controls if you do not like the default. We will do an investigation on how the boats work with their weapons and their mobility in the sea to be able to make it as realistic as possible.

Concept image:

Author of the image: Blizzard game)
Sample music: 'Daredevil' Ace Combat 7
Author of the music: Zaptroxix (

Bandai Namco owns the rights of Ace Combat 7.

Genre: Puzzle/Educational/Relaxing

Audience: especially aimed for kids, this game attempts to help them improve their associative abilities. made as well for people who just want to play a relaxing game after a long day, and finally people who enjoy cloud gazing.



You are a cloud gazer, your objective is to sort out forms, shapes, and objects out of the clouds. As you progress more difficult shapes to figure out appear as well as new environments such as fall cloud gazing or even winter cloud gazing.

The mechanics are really simple, you see a cloud, and you with your controller start to insert pivots around the cloud you want to sort out, that´s all. Some clouds are very to figure out and you just draw the shape with pivots; some are harder to figure out as well.

the cloud generation is completely random in essence, but levels are specialized in an area. One level can concentrate on things found in nature, while others can be exclusive to school objects.

To complement that, you just can fail a certain amount of times before the level restarts. As well, the more clouds you figure out, the more points you get, and every certain amount of points gets you an extra life.

the interface is non-diagetic, and meta at the same time, the latter being nature flares (Water drops snow freeze , storm electricity, etc).

The game has full daltonic support, I took in consideration individuals with special needs in the learning and association area, so we have a configuration especially to help them improve those areas.

As well as difficulty adjustment from easy, to very hard.

Flower OST-Vincent Diamante

Art possibly made by Dutch artist, TMJ.

I´l have to look further

AeroIce Race tra..pdf166kb

Genre: Mecha/Giant Monsters/JRPG
Platform: PC/PS4

Audience: For people who want to see the action of something that is beyong imagination, giant robot and colossal monsters, and for people who want to fight as them or against them.

Description: In the future, the year 2350, colossal monsters from outer space invade the earth, your duty as the protector of the earth is to defeat their leader.

To defeat these beasts, humanity has created its own monsters, giving them the name of the Zero Fuse Units, you can choose between different mechas.

Absolute Zero, a mecha whose ability is to use freezing weapons, slowing down enemies to burn them with your secondary weapons, fire, by combining both weapons you can create the Ice Flare, the special ability of Zero Absolute.

Lightning Nova, able to break the sound barrier, its enormous speed can attribute to the combat against the enemy, leaving them disoriented for a brief moment, attributed to the wind weapon, creating powerful and destructive tornadoes can destroy the alien forces.

The monsters that you face are called Daeomonium, biological creatures with mechanical applications, their intention is to mold the earth to make it their new home, annihilating the obstacle that interferes with their nefarious plans, humanity.

Gameplay: When choosing Absolute Zero, the options in the weapons can be between the fire element or the ice element, but if necessary or you wish, you can use the classic weapon consisting of the use of bullets and missiles. The ice will slow down enemies, or in a few cases freeze them completely, while with fire you can leave a small disadvantage in the enemy, causing it to burn little by little.

When choosing Lightning Nova, your armament is little varied, due to how light it is to reach tremendous speeds, its weapons consist in creating sharp gusts of wind, and with it they also lead to tornado, and as Absolute Zero, you can use classic weapons.

Already having chosen a mecha for combat, the game begins with a scene leaving the mecha on the ground, or in the event that it flies, it is on its way to battle. Start with waves, come enemies of an average size to your mecha, then as you go forward, more strong enemies will go to your position, so you have the option of going to a strategic place to fight evil.

Accesibility: Since it will be a game with many flash lights, you can deactivate the option so that you feel more comfortable when playing it.

Music of Reference:
-Beginning of the Game (

Image Reference:
-Lightning Nova (
-Absolute Zero (
-The Daemoniums (

Gender: Fight, action, 3D, third person and races.
Platform: Pc.
Audience: Aggressive people over 16, people who love Oriental culture (Otaku) and people who like sad stories.
Game description:
The game is simple, it consists of a 3D game where you will have to reach a point on the map mounted on the motorcycle holding a catana, on the way there will be different obstacles such as: the flamethrowers that will appear as soon as you advance, if you all the resistance bar will fall and you will lose automatically, you will have to start again and you will also have an energy bar, to replay a bone percentage will be subtracted, if you lose your energy by trying multiple times and fail, you will have to wait for it to fill up your energy bar what you need to try again, each level will be like this you will also have turbo options to get faster, you will not be able to go back only to lower the speed, when you arrive you will have to face them body to body using the catana.
There will also be random modes, such as:
Samurai Loco, where you will face your opponents with a variety of oriental weapons as well as weapons of war that will be at your base to take them and use them to defend all your team and your base, is a broad map consisting of 2 bases, one enemy and another which is the allied base, this mode can only be played with 2 or more players for each team, which can also be CPU and the player or players invited with the main player, you can choose which side to play, in this mode there will be secondary modes, such as: By flags; where the main objective is to get as many flags as possible, the flags will be located inside the opposite base, this mode has a timer that can modify the user and choose how long the game ends.
Afro samurai ... son of an African American and an Asian. The story begins in the East where "Afro" is only 10 years old, they kill his father in front of him and at the same time they rape his mother and then kill her, the boy is traumatized and his whole life is dedicated to seek revenge ... He returns unkind, unsociable and also realistic to go out to conquer those who destroyed his family.

The game is played like this:

  • Motorcycle:
    Move forward with the motorcycle (W), to lower the speed (Space, S), to lean to the right (D), to lean to the left (A) and for the turbo (F).
    -Afro Samurai:
    You control the movement with the keys; W, A, S, D.
    You will trigger the cut attack with (C).
    To cover with hands (G).
    To launch special attack (T).
    See items (Mouse wheel movement).
    Choose item (I).

Author of the Photo: Tera
Link of the photo:
Author of Music: Jameson Trumble
Music link:

Gender: careers
Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows Phone.

Target audience: people who are lovers of racing and shooting games.

Description of the game: This is a game where you will have to drive a car, at high speed and at the same time you will have to destroy your opponents so that you are the first to reach the goal.

The game has different tracks as well as different divisions which depending on the races you gain going up from diviciones till you reach the 1st division, the game has a great variety of cars, weapons and characters that depending on which you choose you will have an advantage in the race.

Controls: With buttons on the screen, a menu and a simple interface to provide the best gameplay, you can also customize the controls to your game style for greater comfort.

imagen :

musica :

Title: The Protector

Gender: Action
Platform: PS4,
Audience: Every lover of action video games.
Description: You are a professional frank shooter and have been hired to do what you do best and shoot from a long distance and not fail.
The president of Panama has had many death threats in recent weeks and have a tour of the country where he will have an open-air conference for all the people in the different provinces. You must protect the president's security and monitor that nobody tries to do anything to him, the President's security is in your hands.
Each level will have a different intensity and enemies each time more dangerous, from the enemy that tries to attack him in person with a knife, to other frank shooters.
You must stay alert, since at any moment an enemy leaves, who wants to kill the president.
In each level there can be more and more enemies and that is where you must demonstrate your agility to detect enemies and have an excellent aim.
Each level is a province and in each province different zones which the president will give conferences and you have a limited time to detect the enemy each zone will have a shorter time which will hinder your mission.
The video game will have a menu of little text in large print size for the best vision of all our users
In the configuration of the controls you can configure the buttons in the best way and the one you feel more comfortable, you could choose the buttons of shots, approach, and views of the character among others.
You can change the time in the configuration to detect enemies.
The game is adaptable to external devices such as rifles and shotguns compatible with ps4 to make the game more real.
The video game will have 3 characters: the first character is a frank shooter independent of a very formal dress, the second character is a frank shooter of the army with military clothing, and the third is a frank shooter who works his way with a style Particular and informal but that has much knowledge in the technological field.

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