Eh lamento no poder despedirme de la mayoria de ustedes, personalmente... son personas geniales, lamento irme y me encanto conocerlos... no se que decir eh gracias en especial gracias profe. Es el mejor... lo aprecio mucho!

Gracias creadores💡.

Género/Genre: Platformer, exploration, puzzle, 3D, misery.

Plataforma/Platform: PC, Switch

Audiencia/Target Audience: People that enjoy puzzles and adventure and to discover hidden mysteries and stories by constantly exploring around.

Descripción/Game Description:

In this game your main objective is to explore through an ancient ruin, you must traverse the mysterious puzzles hidden inside this mystical dungeon-like ruin and discover its mysteries to find a way out.

As a young adventurer you decide to explore all around the world for this world's greatest mysteries until one day you come upon one of those great mysteries, while walking through a forest the world crumble beneath your feet leaving no trace of you left. Later you wake up inside the dungeon with mysterious technologies and ancient history, and security traps and puzzle made to deal with intruders like you.

The puzzle will consist on, quiz puzzles that you will need to answer by discovering the hidden history of the temple so you will always have to pay attention to your surroundings for hidden pieces of information, and the other kind of puzzles will consist on platforming utilizing the mysterious technology the temple possesses like moving platform and the classic spikes of ancient ruins.

The player will move with the left joystick and use the right one to move the camera, he will use the ‘x’ button to jump and the ‘square’ button to interact with the world. This explanation was in reference to a PS4 controller.

The game will have accessibility for easy reconfiguration of the controller and will accept third-party non standard controllers. And will also count with different color gradients and palettes for the different types of color blindness.


Genero: Mundo Abierto (Tercera persona), Acción y Carrera.

Plataforma: Ps4, Xbox, PsVita.

Audiencia: Este juego es para personas que les gusten las carreras y las cosas a azar para disfrutar de un mundo de posibilidades.

Descripción de el Juego:
El valiente Tyler. Era un chico como cualquier otro hasta que llego a toparse con unos tráiler de carga a los cuales anterior mente Tyler les había robado algo de la carga y para su suerte, lo reconocieron de inmediato. Tyler se enfrentará a todos sus miedos en un pueblo conocido como ruta 14, no podrás robar coches antes de cumplir terminar las misiones solo utilizaras los que se te otorguen en las misiones o comprarte uno con el dinero de las misiones (tendrás todo el tiempo pegado a el alguacil del pueblo). Tendrás que hacer misiones, carreras y demás. Hasta que por fin pueda salir de la ruta 14, después de superar todas las misiones y carreras podrá salir y disfrutar de algunos otros pueblos y regiones, hacer misiones secundarias y otras cosas.

-El Juego se controla en Ps4 y PsVita (Predeterminado): con los mismos comandos de movimiento de siempre en ambas consolas, para ingresar a un vehiculó ( Triángulo), para recargar alma (Cuadrado), para aceptar o correr (Esquís), y agacharse con (Círculo). Para utilizar un arma (L1), para ítem (R1), apuntar con (R2) y disparar con (L2). Mover la cámara con análogo (R).

-El Juego se controla en Xbox (Predeterminado): con los mismos comandos de movimiento de siempre consolas Xbox, para ingresar a un vehículo (Y), para recargar alma (X), para aceptar o correr (A), y agacharse con (B). Para utilizar un arma (LB), para ítem (RB), apuntar con (RT) y disparar con (LT). Mover la cámara con análogo (R).

Autor de la imagen: Carlos Paz
Autor de la canción: Set It Off

Gender: Fight, action, 3D, third person and races.
Platform: Pc.
Audience: Aggressive people over 16, people who love Oriental culture (Otaku) and people who like sad stories.
Game description:
The game is simple, it consists of a 3D game where you will have to reach a point on the map mounted on the motorcycle holding a catana, on the way there will be different obstacles such as: the flamethrowers that will appear as soon as you advance, if you all the resistance bar will fall and you will lose automatically, you will have to start again and you will also have an energy bar, to replay a bone percentage will be subtracted, if you lose your energy by trying multiple times and fail, you will have to wait for it to fill up your energy bar what you need to try again, each level will be like this you will also have turbo options to get faster, you will not be able to go back only to lower the speed, when you arrive you will have to face them body to body using the catana.
There will also be random modes, such as:
Samurai Loco, where you will face your opponents with a variety of oriental weapons as well as weapons of war that will be at your base to take them and use them to defend all your team and your base, is a broad map consisting of 2 bases, one enemy and another which is the allied base, this mode can only be played with 2 or more players for each team, which can also be CPU and the player or players invited with the main player, you can choose which side to play, in this mode there will be secondary modes, such as: By flags; where the main objective is to get as many flags as possible, the flags will be located inside the opposite base, this mode has a timer that can modify the user and choose how long the game ends.
Afro samurai ... son of an African American and an Asian. The story begins in the East where "Afro" is only 10 years old, they kill his father in front of him and at the same time they rape his mother and then kill her, the boy is traumatized and his whole life is dedicated to seek revenge ... He returns unkind, unsociable and also realistic to go out to conquer those who destroyed his family.

The game is played like this:

  • Motorcycle:
    Move forward with the motorcycle (W), to lower the speed (Space, S), to lean to the right (D), to lean to the left (A) and for the turbo (F).
    -Afro Samurai:
    You control the movement with the keys; W, A, S, D.
    You will trigger the cut attack with (C).
    To cover with hands (G).
    To launch special attack (T).
    See items (Mouse wheel movement).
    Choose item (I).

Author of the Photo: Tera
Link of the photo:
Author of Music: Jameson Trumble
Music link:

Lluvia De Esperanza

Género: Aventura.
Plataforma: Pc, Ps4.
Audiencia: Jóvenes de 14 años en adelante.
Descripción del juego:

El juego se trata de unos chicos de 15 y 24 años, de pocos recursos, trabajadores y frustrados por los que tienen mas no aprovechan salen a planear atracos y así salir de la pobreza. En el juego podrás visitar ciudades, robar coches y explorar infinidades de cosas.

-El Juego se controla en Pc (Predeterminado): Con las teclas de dirección para caminar o manejar los vehículos, las teclas ( W “Saltar”, A “Agacharse” , S “Aceptar, D “entrar a un vehículo”), las teclas ( J, K, L, I)para hacer otras acciones extras, apuntar (Clic izquierdo), disparar (Clic Derecho), cambiar de arma (Rueda del Ratón), recargar (Q) y la cámara se mueve con el (Moviendo el Ratón)

-El Juego se controla en Ps4 (Predeterminado): Con el análogo izquierdo para caminar o manejar los vehículos, los botones de acción ( Equis, Triangulo, Circulo, Cuadrado), los direccionales para hacer otras acciones extras, apuntar con el botón L2, disparar con el botón R2, cambiar de arma con R1, recargar con L1 y la cámara se mueve con el análogo derecho.

Autor De Imagen: Gustavo Zambrano
Música: It Was A Good Day– Ice Cube

Rhythmic Speed

Gender: Platform
Platform: Pc, Android and IOS.
Audience: People with good reflexes, only players from 10 years old and up
Game Description:
-The game is based on the geometry Dash style combined with the Super Mario Bros style that combines both styles advancing to the rhythm of the music (Optional) to reach a maximum of points and break your record every time you reach a high level.

-The Game is controlled in PC (Default): With the arrow keys to advance, jump, back and shrink. The enhancers are operated with the (Mouse) and (Right Click).

-The Game is controlled in Android and IOS (Default):
To move forward, jump, rewind and shrink you have floating keys on the screen where you can move at will with transparent floating panels and have buttons at the corners to use the power-ups that you are given at each level.

Image Author: freewallpapers
Music:Implicit Demand For Proof - Twenty One Pilots

Gender: Action, Flying (2D), Music.
Platform: Mobile ( Android and IOS).
Game description:
-The very entertaining the flying child game.

  • He is a boy who does not want to stay without doing anyting in his vacations and decides to leave the house.

  • the boy find a sign that says there is a go kart racing. But unintentinationally discovers that he can do more than that, from there the game begins by customizing an old fridge. You will start with just the go kart wheels and from there you will improve.

-Dozens of models and skills, and can update an improve the scope of the “plane" home. The game fucuses on islands (different islands on each level).

-While if you press a skills button when the song sounds louder, your fridge will fly farther or higher.

-Fantasy of aventure, you will see the character named Robin learning fly spatially through the moon, reach Mars and beyond just with an old modified fridge and adequate to be able to fly, you will earn money with every attempt.

-You will play and repeat It is tedious if you do not get that far until you can have money to make some improvement and so be able to fly higher. Each level ends when you finally get down safely at the other end of the island but to have more scored you should get higher.
-You will control the height and speed of takeoff of the home plane. Move the HUD you way either, skills button, or power up and controllers going down an up.


Serafín Del Tiempo

Género: Acción, Narrativa.

Plataforma: Pc.

Audiencia: Personas con hábitos literarios.

Descripción del juego:
El juego se centra en la historia de un joven llamado Steve Stark que tenía una gran pasión por los libros, pero no son cualquier libro, son libros de magia oscura. En el juego se te permitirá decidir qué elecciones son mejor para Steven, Retroceder en el tiempo a tu antojo y también te llevara a lugares nunca explorados donde existen muchos villanos que deberás vencer con la ayuda de Tomas que posee una Katana mientras tu Utilizas un Serafín del tiempo. Con el objetivo de salvar a los inocentes. El juego se controla en Pc; con el mouse para mover la cámara, Teclado para moverse (teclas direccionales Predeterminado) y para usar diferentes comandos de ataque (W, A, S, D, Predeterminado) e ítems (F, G, H, Predeterminado), el juego te permitirá configurar los controles a tu gusto Serafín Del Tiempo te permitirá también bajar o incrementar los gráficos y optimizar la movilidad de tu personaje.

Autor De Imagen: Kovács József
Música: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

CanRyDu x9 Revenge.pdf40kb

Dancing, Singing or Dying

Genre: Music, Narrative, Dance, Open World.

Platform: PC, Android phones and IOS.

Audience: young people with artistic tastes.

Game Description:
The game focuses on music and dance, it is a game where the character will look for a way to integrate to the world of the streets and nightclubs to pay the debt of his mother with some antisocial. For that instead of drugs and weapons uses a more accessible form that is fame. You will have to dance and learn new steps, besides it will allow you to sing with the external microphone to increase the range of fame doing dance and singing missions. The game is controlled in PC; with the mouse to move the camera, Keyboard to move (Directional keys Default) and to use different dance commands (W, A, S, D, Default) and items (F, G, H, Default), In addition to using the microphone to sing. For the Android version it is controlled with an analog tactile touch panel and action buttons, you can also customize everything to your liking. You will also be allowed to download or increase the graphics and optimize the mobility of your character.

Image Author: Patakki Cuban Cultural Industry
Nelson Cano Martínez
Johanna Escobar
Music: Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

Género: Acción/Aventura
Plataforma: PC
Audiencia: Para publica con criterio formado
Descripción: Donde el jugador controla las acciones de un personaje (y/o de diversos miembros de un grupo).
Mientras el personaje va avanzando, tu compañera te ayuda a curar tu estado de salud, encontrar objetos especiales, hay que cuidar de ella no puedes dejar que le hagan daño.
Mientras avanzamos hacia las otras ciudades.
En mundo donde las grandes corporaciones dominan la calidad de vida, en la Ciudad Dodoma nace la elegida para cambiar la historia de Johan un armero de las afueras y así comienza la aventura.
Así como del nivel de interacción de los jugadores. Diseñar un sistema de juego que interactúe bien y que produzca un juego satisfactorio.
Ya sabemos que el computador funciona con dispositivos de entrada, como en el caso del teclado y el ratón, mando de control y otras configuraciones para la mejor experiencia de interacción.

Incluya el autor de ambas.
Foro Games Legacy Por Akatito
thewoekingMusic from the horror adventure game Ib. Picture by 鬼気 (Kiki) at

DENIS RUIZ JUEGO 1.docx691kb

Genre: Beat ‘Em Up, Shoot ‘Em Up


This game is catered for players that will enjoy old arcade games. Whit a set of characters punching, shooting and slicing their way through enemies.

Premise of the Game:

The dead roams the super markets and the fridges. Expired fruits and vegetables are coming back and you must fight your way through the death to survive. Play and unlock different characters with different abilities, and with them release the green aisle of this undead nightmare.


From a row of character you start with Robert Blueberry, the last survivor of a patch of blueberries in the fruit aisle. This particular character fights in close/range combat particularly with a butter knife. Playing you unlock different characters with different play styles, some characters can have long range weapons others can have close combat weapons and each character has a set difficulty. And each character has the ability to unlock a secret which can be a power up and a new level to play.

Player Access:

Since this game is inspired in old arcade games. I will create a control scheme similar to those old controls, so by doing this less bottoms are needed.

Rock, Gothic

Reference Image:

Imortales warriors

Género: Aventura, Mundo abierto, Multiplayer, PvP
Plataforma: Móvil
Público objetivo: Gente que le guste explorar e investigar todo un mundo abierto, en donde podrás estar en el bosque, ruinas y hasta lugares prohibido.

Descripción del juego: Serás un humano, que se encontrará una mascota que a medida que avancen en el juego el será tu amigo y te ayudará a que puedas cumplir tu objetivo que es ser un inmortal.

Disfruta de un juego 3D mundo abierto, donde te encontraras, con diferentes enemigos y donde también te encontraras con gente de todo el mundo el cual buscara ser el mejor personaje del todo el juego pero para eso debe encontrar las mejores armas y armadores para demostrar que eres el rey de Imortales Warriors .

Controles: Con botones en la pantalla,un menú y una interfaz sencilla para brindar la mejor jugabilidad, también se pueden personalizar los controles a su estilo de juego para mayor comodidad.
Música :

1550875269207_Imortales warriors.pdf209kb

Género: Aventuras

Plataforma: Consola, PC

Audiencia: Personas a las cuales les guste juegos de acción y puzzles.

En este juego debes avanzar con unos compañeros los cuales no controlarás.
En este juego el protagonista está perdido en un bosque junto a 3 personas que están contigo las cuales no conoces, deben averiguar cómo llegaron hasta ahí ya que ninguno recuerda lo que pasó antes de llegar, deben avanzar con cuidado ya que por el mapa hay monstruos mutantes cazándolos alrededor de este, deben averiguar cómo salir.

Cómo controlar el juego:
Tú eliges el género y la apariencia de tu personaje y de tus compañeros, sin embargo, en cuanto a especialidad en armas sólo puedes elegir la tuya, no la de tus compañeros.
Es un juego mundo abierto por el cual avanzas y tus compañeros te siguen, con un botón saltas, con otros dos botones pegas, usas armas de corto alcance (dependiendo el arma que este equipada para ese botón) con otro saltas, con el gatillo derecho usas un arma de distancia y con el izquierdo apuntas.
A lo largo de tu recorrido puedes darles de tus armas a tus compañeros.
Cada uno tiene una especialidad, pero tú debes averiguar cuál es.
Al interactuar con tus compañeros unos pueden ser más necios y aventados, pero otros son más obedientes, tu eres el astuto del grupo. Puedes hacer que los necios sean mas obedientes a lo largo del juego dependiendo de como lleves tu relación con ellos.
El juego tiene opciones como:
• Invertir el eje de la cámara en X y Y.
• Cambiar las funciones de ciertos botones (disparo, apunte, correr, saltar)
• Visión modo daltónico
• Hay opciones para que tus compañeros ataquen automáticamente a cualquier monstruo o que tú les digas a cuál atacar en específico.

Origen de la imagen:

Para el primer nivel del bosque y otros que sean cavernas, habrá músicas como esta: The legend of Zelda ocarina of time)

Género: Survival Horror/Third person Shooter/Stealth/Non-linear/RPG
Platform: PC

Audiencia: Personas que les interesa los juegos tipo survival, con enfasisi en la historia y personajes.

En una línea de tiempo alterna, en el año 1991 la unión Soviética a colapsado; pero esta vez de una manera violenta y destructiva… Tú y tu esposa son ciudadanos de la unión que deseaban escapar de ella mucho antes de su colapso, esta es su oportunidad de oro; pero los riegos son alto: Tropas leales a la unión vagan por las calles ejecutando a cualquiera que se les interponga, además de eso, personas cuya visión de un mundo perfecto se ve interrumpida por estos sucesos no dudarán en delatarte si creen que eres un obstáculo para regresar a su normalidad, no puedes confiar en nadie, solo se tienen a ustedes.

El juego es un Survival Shooter en tercera persona no linear el cual usa una progresión de historia a base de niveles con áreas de juegos extensas no lineares en las que tendrás que ir del punto A al punto B, ya sea en una ventana de tiempo o usando sigilo e incluso mezclarse con otros civiles para no levantar sospechas. Como dije anteriormente, los personajes son marido y mujer, y puedes escoger con cuál de los dos jugar además de un sistema de relación que puede empeorar o mejorar haciendo su vínculo emocional más fuerte o llanamente destruyéndolo,, depende de quién escojas tendrás ventajas y desventajas, además usa una progresión de personajes que utiliza un sistema de mejoras por punto para aprender habilidades extra que te ayuden a sobrevivir y solventa ciertos contras que hay, después de todo no son súper soldados o expertos sobrevivientes, solo son civiles en medio de una revolución. El estilo de juego es bastante cinematográfico “a la Uncharted”. Por último, esta la mecánica clave que es sistema de compañero:

El sistema de compañero funciona de manera fluida, dependiendo de la situación la IA de tu pareja priorizara la búsqueda de objetos de vida o munición o si por ejemplo: El nivel requiere que te mescles con la multitud, la IA priorizara la búsqueda de ropa que te ayude a encubrirte mejor, a la vez tu pareja tiene un inventario auto-administrado que dependiendo de la situación y la disponibilidad, tu pareja te podrá ofrecer algún objeto si ciertos parámetros se cumplen. A la hora de dialogo con NPC´s en caso de que estés tomando las decisiones incorrectas o que lleven a una situación difícil, tu pareja puede intervenir y posiblemente crear una intervención que puede o no ser favorable para ti.

La accesibilidad es extensa de manera que el jugador no se sienta encajonado a la personalidad y estilo de juego que les asigne a los personajes. Por ejemplo: Podrás personalizar el estilo de juego de tu pareja, como que tan agresiva es en diálogos y peleas, que prioriza más a la hora de búsquedas de objetos, si es pasiva o proactiva o reactiva, etc. Además de un sistema de pings ejecutados por el jugador para así evitar que el compañero se quede atascado en un lugar o si la reacción de la IA es lenta no se quede en un lugar.
-Battlestate Games Artist: Nikita Buyanov.
-Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl soundtrack composed by Vladimir Frey.
Un soundtrack que indusca estres a la Stalker shadow of Chernobyl.

Streak 1-Joaquin Von chong.pdf128kb

Genre: fight, platforms, multiplayer, adventure.
Audience: People attracted to fighting games, adventures and platforms games.
It is a fighting game with stages of stable and floating platforms, the characters are fighting a duel while being careful with the hazards of the stages. It has four modes, multiplayer fight, arcade mode, consisting of a tournament where your character competes to show that he/she is the best, bonus mode, and adventure mode that consists of presenting the stories of all the characters, how they met each other, and you must explore a large amount of maps that will be presented to you throughout your adventure.
How to control the game:
With the analog stick you can move to the left and right, move it down to crouch, cross floating platforms or fall quickly, depends of your current state, and move it up to jump (can be disabled in the options to just jump with the button for this action).
The normal hits include jabs, directional hits that can be connected to make a combo.
You can also use special attacks (3 per character) but it’ll drain part of your special bar.
This game has options like:
• Volume of sound, voices and music separately.
• Change the functions of certain buttons (shield, jump, hit, taunt, special attack, etc.).
• Change the language.
• Disable tap jump.
Image credits:
Sprites by me
Bg from jump ultimate stars
Music: (Origin: Tales of Symphonia)

Título: Custodia Peligrosa
Género: Acción
Plataforma: PS4, Xbox One
Audiencia: Todo amante de los videojuegos de acción, que le gustan sentir adrenalina al disparar, en diferentes entornos y situaciones.
Descripción: Es La Historia de un Guardia que tenía como prioridad, trasladar a un reo de alta peligrosidad, hasta la cárcel de máxima seguridad, pero en el medio de la travesía hacia la cárcel, son intersectados por bandas criminales, en muchas ocasiones.
KILATE el hombre más buscado por las autoridades, antes de ser aprendido dijo frente a las cámaras, que iba a donar 50 millones de dólares, a quienes evitaran que este, pisara la cárcel. El detective STAN, le toca enfrentarse a cada organización criminal, que quiere esta recompensa, hasta llevar sano y salvo a el hombre más peligroso del país, hasta la cárcel.
Este juego se desplaza en tercera persona, lo cual tendrás control total sobre el personaje principal. Cuenta con el cambio de configuración de los botones de interacción de control de mando para tu mayor comodidad y el reo posee inteligencia artificial, lo cual tiene la instrucción, de seguir al guardia mientras este, esté vivo.
Más información:
Este juego contiene Violencia y está en la categoría de videojuegos para mayores de 16 años de edad

Imagen de Portada: Plataforma PS4

Este arte solo es para fines académicos creado por Josué Gutiérrez imágenes sacadas de , ,

Imagen de Portada: Plataforma XBOX ONE

Este arte solo es para fines académicos creado por Josué Gutiérrez imágenes sacadas de , ,

El tema musical del videojuego es:
Bad Boys II
Los autores de este tema son:
Nelly ft Puff Daddy & Murphy Lee

La música de este juego fue sacada de:

Gender: comedy, action, puzzles, Adventure game, laughs
Audience: for people that action and comedy come together and form an unforgettable adventure

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS

Description of the game: The game is based on a character called gabriel where he spends a night in a restaurant on Thursday where they were celebrating because his best friend Carl and his girlfriend Lusi are getting married when he teaches her a ring worth 500 million dollars bathed in several sapphires and emeralds and I did not buy it, he gave a vagabond that ring in exchange for a bag of potatoes that he bought when he went out to eat, and as expected they were drinking beers when his friend gave up vomiting, he drops his wallet and I "keep" it for him. After that, now he will have to overcome a lot of tests to travel through time and fix that mistake he made before it's too late.

The character moves with the mouse, with the left button make it move from place to place and with the right the actions come out as you observe in detail and at the bottom you will have a small diary where you show the missions, something of the story that happens and the objects that you collect so far. And at the end of each day you will sleep, but again it will be Friday as you will always have to pick up the newspaper to know what happens day after day although it is still Friday.You will be able to interact with others so that they have objects but Once in a while you will have to do it a favor in return depending on what you like. Although it is the same city of new york and there is a loop against time, there are small changes and a mystery to solve.

Website where you find the image:


Streak#2 este viernes.docx127kb

When you choose the best path, you will always have the best reward

Genre: Basketball and food lovers

Platform: Console

Game Description: A player who will have to choose the best decisions daily, followed by tips that are given through the play. The player must choose the best attitudes and eating habits to reach the ideal goal.

The game starts on a clear day with beautiful clouds, one more day without excuses, to attend classes like every day. Our main character has options to manage his time and choose his type of performance, based on the recommendations given by the mother and through signals in the game.

Choosing the best decisions will lead you to achieve goals in your passion that is playing basketball, as well as achieving other interesting goals.

In case you choose wrong decisions, you will be affected in your health and studies. which will also prevent him from realizing his passion.

The scenario is given with images of your home and school.

The images of the game will have a similar pattern to the following attachment:

The music will be something motivating like the following: BASKETBALL / WORKOUT MOTIVATION MUSIC VOL1 2016 Rap/HipHop

Classic Bus Ez Simulator 2019
Genre: Simulation, Multiplayer
Platform: Mobile
Target audience: People who want to have the experience of driving a red devil bus, and classic buses, that's why we brought you a simulator for those who love buses.
Description: This is a simulator where you can go through the streets of Panama, you can learn more about the city and let you have freedom to go where you want, there are missions within the Game but you decide to do them or not, the money will be given depending on the route where you go and the missions you do, there will be policemen so drive carefully so you do not get fined, eye the fine and the accidents diminish your money as well as your fame in the game, on the other hand we have several bus models that can be customized to the user's taste, your bus can be changed: tires, wheels, bus color, inside you can customize the making and the steering wheel, the game will be ofiline and online to so you can enjoy this great game with your friends and compete for the most famous in the city.
Controls: With buttons on the screen, a menu and a simple interface to provide the best gameplay, you can also customize the controls to your game style for comfort and also has several types of control when driving, where you can choose the one of your preference.
Music: https: //

Documento 2 juegos.docx26kb

Genre: Action-adventure, Hack and slash
Platform: PS4

Target Audience: you like adventure / action games you should try this game.

Game Description: The game tells the story Nahuel has to perform different types of riddles that advance the adventure of the game.

In a small town dominated by a cacique called greedy and greedy Dodem dominated by an evil entity known as Mammot where riches are wasted in material goods and festivals, in which his favorite work is to torment and make his people suffer. In a small and isolated mud ranch, Nahuel is born the third son of a humble and hardworking couple happily and gratefully accept the gift given by their gods. But what they do not know is that this new creature keeps an incredible secret granted by the gods for the liberation of his people without knowing the power that the gods had given him. Over the years and as Nahuel was growing his powers were flourishing and developing the evil cacique be mind that the only one who could end his empire of evil for this sends to kidnap the little Nahuel. And here is born an exceptional story, where our main character accompanied by his brothers and a small eagle will go through various situations in which he will have.
That put your skills to the test.
In the combats can realize a species of Quick Time Event (sequence of buttons in a determined order, mixes fierce struggles with small doses of puzzles and platform, the personage can realize a great number of combos and powers.
You can configure the control options for your best mobility and modify the subtitles for any known ethnic group.


Genre: RPG/Fantasy/Multiple Endings/Funny/Base Turn/ Medival Ages/ Your choices matter.
Target Audience: If you like some bad jokes, adventures into dark caves or giant volcanoes,fighting monster from other mythologies, then Jesterventure if for you.
Platform: PC/ Nintendo Switch

Description:You are just a court Jester, that your job is to entertain royalty, but something is not right, the prince is missing and all of the soldiers are in the war, the king asks you with great sincerity and desperation to do what you can to rescue his lost son, you accept the message of the king and go to the adventure with what he could provide.

In this prophecy, you will find people who will possibly help you, or sometimes they will lead you to a painful death, over time you will find companions you can trust, or that is what you believe. You will encounter trolls, goblins, harpies, gorgons, and other atrocious monsters.

Sometimes you will have to face enemies speaking to them and not using weapons against them, or to get out of dangerous situations you will have to tell some of your bad jokes, or you can use your amazing puns so they can laugh and ignore you for the moment.

If you do not have almost gold coins, you can make small shows, considered minigames for the entertainment of the plebs, and if you do it perfect, you can get in addition to extra bonuses like gold coins, you can even get clues where the prince could be.

If you manage to find the prince, you will have to go back all the way to the castle, slightly increasing the difficulty of the game, and having little mobility by having the child on your back, and if you manage to get it, you will be rewarded by the king in person, and the title of jester you will no longer have it, he will name you a royal funny knight.

Accessibility: You can choose the type of control you want to use in the game, you can even create your own custom control. If you have hearing audition, there is no problem, in the options menu you can enable subtitles, so you know what's going on.

Music references: (Taverns Music
(Battle Theme
(Final Boss Theme

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