Unknown Future
Gender: Action / It Risks
Platform: PC
Description: List game and gratuitous shots for mobile platforms, pvp, cooperative and campaigns.
In the futurist world of SUN CITY, the humanity suffers a devastating invasion of an unknown race that The past OF THE ETERNAL one was named. In their last defense of the third wall the DARK ones were a race of heroes and legendary warriors that defended the last point of SUN CITY.
As recruit, you have a potential without limits and the possibility of changing the course of the war.
The humanity of the race invasora saves in these campaigns and you/he/she liberates the regions squatters.
Face your rivals in ways multijugador in different scenarios.
In the control power station you will be able to be related with other resistance groups that will be conformed by other players, to visit the merchants, to accept alternative missions to the history,
Also, he/she enjoys the graphics, the very comfortable controls to have a better enjoyment of the game.

Jose Fernando Gracia · 4 years ago


I more or less get what your game is about, but the grammar was so scattered there are many points I can't make out.

Please try to correct this streak so it's more readable.

Also, what is the purpose of the article linked? Is the game meant to look like the game in that article, or was it a typo?


More submissions by Denis.Ruiz for GAME 1100 - Diseño de Juegos (Enero 2019)


Genre: Action / Adventure
Platform: PC
Audience: for lovers of shooting games
The game is in a first person perspective of shots the player can move with the right joystick and make the protagonist interact with the scenarios. The player can use the coach mode to configure the control, as he likes.
The game focuses on Itan Dan one of the best soldiers of the United States Army is sent to a very lethal mission to infiltrate a terrorist cell called Sun Dawn, needs to collect information for the government that works, to prevent the threat of the extremist group.
Itan key name (Ramen) which means noodles, being somewhere in the middle east tas a war of black gold known as oil, is involved with one of the heads of the Sunrise of the Sun, saved his life the receiving a shot in the head that makes him lose part of his memories and having small gaps about his mission.
The only clue he left behind was a twisted sheet with small fragments of meaningless writing.
The campaign is an introduction of the game throughout the missions of the campaign; you will have access to pieces of your memories in order to complete your mission that was assigned.


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El Puño del Poder
Género: 2D Acción/Aventura
Plataforma: IOS, ANDROID
Te lleva de vuelta a las raíces retro de los juegos para traerte una plataforma de acción alborotadora tomas el control de nuestro karateka.
Sea un juego divertido y adictivo juego de plataformas retro. El juego es un juego de plataformas de batalla de desplazamiento lateral.
En una vieja aldea vivía un joven karateka y un día dos curiosos la visitan para intentar convencer a los campesinos y derrocar al Rey malvado que los está haciendo correr a los capturados, sus capítulos nos cuentan las aventuras y peligros que tiene que vivir para salvar a su princesa y los campesinos que fueron capturados. El primer capítulo solo se muestra una trama simple con un personaje totalmente plano, pero poco a poco se van desarrollando tanto los personajes como la historia.
El jugador completa varios niveles, derrota a cinco jefes, invade lentamente el castillo y, finalmente, derrota al Rey. Luego, el juego se reinicia por completo, excepto en el modo Difícil, donde los enemigos son más poderosos y el jugador no comienza con nuevos poderes con enemigos más poderosos. Cada una de las etapas presenta al joven karateka haciendo varias cosas. Incluyen derrotar a jefes y enemigos.
El jugador controla su personaje a través de 5 botones: "Izquierda", "Derecha", "Saltar", "Ataque " y "Disparar”. Los botones "Izquierda", "Derecha" y "Saltar" mueven al jugador. El botón "Ataque" ataca a los enemigos a través de golpes, patadas y otros asaltos que pueden resultar en un combo. El botón "Disparar" solo aparece cuando el jugador tiene un arma (estrella ninja.)



Tears of María
Gender: Action-adventure, platform, Hack and slash, horror, psychological Terror a player
Platform: PC
Audience: for mature people that he likes to look for and to gather
Description of the game:
That place is rural, the house is of mud and earth roads, and in the night lanterns or guaricha are used.
Good, the one finishes day that we will stay bill my he/she suckles that he/she could not sleep in the night, I slept with her in the same bed, I was very small he/she would have me as 3 or 4 years and my grandmother slept in another room with my grandfather. but good, she counts that you/he/she began to feel blows in the roof, she thought that perhaps they were the branches of you hoist them since over there everything you/he/she is forest. she says that then the strange things began to happen when she listened a horrible voice but that she didn't understand what said and then the things began to worsen, you/he/she counts that you/he/she felt that the bed moved and that they pulled him/her the hair, she was very afraid, he/she says that in the window it felt as if somebody was there, but that he/she went away, as if he/she walked around the house and then he/she returned to its window, she doesn't tolerate more and I scream. All woke up and she is that happened, and they began to pray all in family.
The following night it happened the same one and my brother Luis smaller than months it disappeared of their bed and the family begins to look for it, but María its sister knew that the Whiner had taken it to him thinking that she was her son, she gets ready to look for it knowing that that night of Week Santa she would meet with diverse anomalies that would put you until death the tip hair.
It has a dietary interface, the main character all with the Bible where you leave the inventory menu, the bar of status vitar is captured in the superior left screen, also the quantity of water bandage, crossings and rosaries.
The points of life are filled while more sentences have the faith it increased when transforming the goblins into children that were abducted by them. It will have a machete blessed to be able to face with the black dogs that are the demons transformed into them.
We will find towns looking for the missing brother submerged in the fear of falling in the curse.
. D-Pad or left stick: to move character / cursor
. Beginning: It pauses (button D, OR or active X / it disables the vibration)
. Or: To open menu screen
. X: To Speak / Examine / Action / to Confirm
. T: To Cancel / Maintain + to Move = to Walk



Platform: PlayStation 4
Audience: For it publishes with formed approach
Description: The player controls his character using D-pad and it travels in a quite lineal method, able to rotate slowly with the entrance of an opponent address. The characters spread to move slowly and alone they can increase their speed lightly with the maneuver of the board playing twice in any address. The actions common to many games guided to the action, as jumping, to grab and to climb on obstacles.
A player's video game
• Right and Left to move for the scenarios.
• Up and Below to ascend or to lower stairways.
• Below to bend over (he/she should stay pressed).
• To jump. The time that stays pressed the button determines the height of the jump, being the highest jump obtained with aprox. 1.0 seconds of pressure in the button.
• B to attack. The button can be pressed repeatedly to attack several times with speed.
• START to put Pause, and to advance the kinematics scenes.
• SELECT: this button is not used.
The players assume the list of a ninja, it is a warring shade
Japan is divided in small Kingdom, controlled by a gentleman of the war, with dark powers to be able to unify the low country its flag.
After this defeat, and in spite of having eliminated Daichi Ode, the clan Haji leaves inmerso in continuous disputes that end up in a conspiracy in the one that the gentleman's same son of the murderous war to its father to assume the power.
Yoshiro returns to the castle, but it is too much afternoon. Hikari has been kidnapped. Daichi Ode that after signing a pact with Fortnbras, the demons' king, it has returned of the death to execute to the clan that he/she saw it die. To rescue the princess of the dead alive claws of these wicked ones.
Yoshiro Kawasaki, a ninja of the deceased's secret watch Mister Haji, it is wrapped in a moral conflict when not being able to offer loyalty to their gentleman's murderer.
Yoshiro single bill with their dexterity in the handling of their swords and a magic amulet that he/she will have to perfect to face an entire army of enemies.

https://langaria.net/2017/10/30/un - world-open-in-a-japon-feudal-be-the-new-game-of-sucker-punch/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ0 - OJwbKlE


The Ruins of Tomorrow

Genre: Graphic adventure
Platform: IPhone, IPad, Android
Interactive children's game, the "Point and click" adventure games, in which the introduction of commands was no longer necessary. The player can, for example, click with the pointer on a string to pick it up.
Through the platform will be shown a forgotten children's game that will help develop your mind, and skills.
We invite you to meet Mike a little yellow macaw who will guide you and help you in our learning history, you can learn the mathematics through the game of the sapito jump, greater than and less than, we will visit Panama, its tourist places, with a map in shape puzzle, you will accompany Mike to the history of Panama in colonial times during the passage of history you can see data on the construction of the canal and you can help in its construction.


Género: Videojuego en tercera persona, Videojuego de acción-aventura
Plataforma: PlayStation 3, Android, Xbox 360
Audiencia: Para publica con criterio formado
Descripción: Un jugador y multijugador, Controles mando de videojuegos
Al principio, al jugador se le permite escoger la apariencia de su personaje de entre una selección de caras pre-definidas, mas no su nombre.
Si la salud del jugador es reducida a cero, éste puede usar una "Recuperación" que restaura su salud completa instantáneamente, ya que puede tomarlas de las plantas sin tener que "matarlas".
En este mundo arruinado por la contaminación y la deforestación, y a punto de que se extinga una rara especie de rana y en medio de esta extrema situación nace una heroína de dorada piel, era una pequeña ranita dispuesta a salvar la selva tropical de su amado valle, nace sabiendo que su deseo de lograr poder estar junto a su familia sería un gran reto, deberá pasar por grandes luchas contra deforestadores que buscaban talar los árboles, compañías que desean retener y robar las cristalinas aguas que recorren el valle, con turistas inconscientes que al visitar el bello territorio dejan su basura por doquier. La pequeña necesitara la ayuda.



Genre: Action-adventure, Hack and slash
Platform: PS4

Target Audience: you like adventure / action games you should try this game.

Game Description: The game tells the story Nahuel has to perform different types of riddles that advance the adventure of the game.

In a small town dominated by a cacique called greedy and greedy Dodem dominated by an evil entity known as Mammot where riches are wasted in material goods and festivals, in which his favorite work is to torment and make his people suffer. In a small and isolated mud ranch, Nahuel is born the third son of a humble and hardworking couple happily and gratefully accept the gift given by their gods. But what they do not know is that this new creature keeps an incredible secret granted by the gods for the liberation of his people without knowing the power that the gods had given him. Over the years and as Nahuel was growing his powers were flourishing and developing the evil cacique be mind that the only one who could end his empire of evil for this sends to kidnap the little Nahuel. And here is born an exceptional story, where our main character accompanied by his brothers and a small eagle will go through various situations in which he will have.
That put your skills to the test.
In the combats can realize a species of Quick Time Event (sequence of buttons in a determined order, mixes fierce struggles with small doses of puzzles and platform, the personage can realize a great number of combos and powers.
You can configure the control options for your best mobility and modify the subtitles for any known ethnic group.



Género: Acción/Aventura
Plataforma: PC
Audiencia: Para publica con criterio formado
Descripción: Donde el jugador controla las acciones de un personaje (y/o de diversos miembros de un grupo).
Mientras el personaje va avanzando, tu compañera te ayuda a curar tu estado de salud, encontrar objetos especiales, hay que cuidar de ella no puedes dejar que le hagan daño.
Mientras avanzamos hacia las otras ciudades.
En mundo donde las grandes corporaciones dominan la calidad de vida, en la Ciudad Dodoma nace la elegida para cambiar la historia de Johan un armero de las afueras y así comienza la aventura.
Así como del nivel de interacción de los jugadores. Diseñar un sistema de juego que interactúe bien y que produzca un juego satisfactorio.
Ya sabemos que el computador funciona con dispositivos de entrada, como en el caso del teclado y el ratón, mando de control y otras configuraciones para la mejor experiencia de interacción.

Musica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvkI5wzIDkA&list=PLTA0bc_bKWi1mNhut7wBoHnVsZ7EhprKJ&index=2
Incluya el autor de ambas.
Foro Games Legacy Por Akatito
thewoekingMusic from the horror adventure game Ib. Picture by 鬼気 (Kiki) at www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=962764

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