Submissions by jorge andres tejada tagged 2d-wrestling

Genre: Action, 2D Wrestling, simulation, role, hack and slash

Audience: for people who like to fight with their characters of their choice.

Platform: Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and other consoles.

Description of the game: In this game it is about fighting until you defeat your opponent. besides that he could choose his teachers and heroes from all the regions of elements, as well as heroes, gods and other characters that they like.
There will also be people with great abilities, as well as wise elements of the dimension of the vital elements as opposites, are characters who will show who is the strongest and will have their personal victories when they defeat their opponents.

Also as you advance to other levels of the story you go with a difficulty depending on the character.

In this game it has its history that at that time everything was a kingdom of peace and harmony, where they want to show that they are capable of winning who is the best elemental kingdom best.

Gameplay: the game is played by moving the controls with the move depending on things, as well as attack and defenses and supreme hits.

Accessibility: the game contains some things with blood, the player will have the right to remove with another substance and so they want to change the color depending on whether it is daltonic or not and change the controls for their comfort.