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Audience: for people who like to create pizzas and other things in their own way interractively, as if it were their own restaurant.

Genre: simulator, strategy, ROL, social interaction

Platforms: PC,playstation,Switch,Xbox and other consoles

Description of the game: this game is based on that you are the employee of the pizzeria and you will arrive late as always, when the boss (who in this case is Jorge but his friends say giorgio) of the restaurant leaves the order to the employee (the name of yours) in charge of the place.His goal is to create pizzas depending on the client that wants to eat, but you will also have to create not only pizzas, but pastas and everything that is eaten in a pizzeria, every 15 days you will have the fortnight, and you can improve the character, as well as the cooking machines and the restaurant itself, the main objective is to make the place pleasant for people. You will have missions as in the restaurant as outside the place, since you can also ask motorized to take people who want them in their homes. Every day is improving or worsening depending on how you handle remember that the boss is on a business trip to expand the business to other countries. Remember that you will have to make the place like the food and the rest is to your liking, because some will give their opinion about your restaurant and manage it in the possible way. In the accessibility part people who are colorblind change their color when they want, although that is asked at the beginning and for the controls they can change it when they want, for the deaf they will have the option of having a clock to say when the order of the client is ready to serve. also not only you can sell pizza, as the restaurant is winning you can add more in the menu, such as ice cream, hamburger, and other things that you can add, you can also improve the kitchen and even challenges that you can win things for your restaurant to be the best one with success unlike the others.
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gender: role, strategy, simulation, snooker,multiplayer
Platform: Windows 10 (PC), Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and other platforms.
Description of the game: this game is based on the sport known as a pool game, which in this case is based on the player (or you) going against the computer and have to put as many balls before your opponent wins and if you put them all before 8 you win, but you start by choosing if you want odd or even, whatever the numbers so will be the ones you have to score to win, but avoid before putting the 8-ball because you lose. You also have the opportunity to challenge your friend or the world if you wish, but remember that you have to be the strategy to be the winner of this game.

This game is to click with the right button to the ball depending on the number you have chosen and also the distance, but you should not put the white ball because if you lose your turn and if you put the eight without putting the balls of the number you chose then you lose and you will have the opportunity to make a rematch until the opponent wins or you beat him. The goal is not to give up.

but if in case you have a physical disability, in the options button or during the game you will be asked if you suffer from something physical before playing as they have colors and the music will not be necessary if you are deaf. The goal is to have fun in the story mode or against your friends or with the world, you will also have the opportunity to change the controls for your comfort if you wish.

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