A submission for Daily Art Warmup 29

Hey! Looking forward to the 2015 daily art streak (and a bit scared of it).

A submission for Daily Art Warmup 20

I'm trying to make art for the streak club homepage, not sure about this. First time working in inkscape after some time.

Played some Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and wanted to make some minimalist isometric tiles. May expand on this more later seeing as it was fun.

1 minute sketches from posemanics

Made this earlier. Decided to animate how it'd look if you lost a piece of health and then regained it.

Resized by 400%, Original size is 120x32px.

working on negative space washes., trying to get something close to https://twitter.com/maruti_bitamin 's style


A submission for Daily Art Warmup 29

New sketchbook! Sketch in progress

Feeling nervous...

Hi I am new here! going to throw down for the rest of this warm up month, then probably switch around on a weekly basis with different little assignments. I don't know if I can handle the full year commitment.

A submission for Daily Art Warmup 26

ran out of reference material, skulls and computers it is