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Did fanart of my favorite Titan from the recently released game Titan Souls.

Been awhile since I've posted here. I was sick for a week and then I played catch up with some work. Here's some stuff I've made in the past day.

Y'all are probably getting tired of these. Only 2 more to go I promise.

Art: New star formation art

Game Dev: Make use of Switch in o_o.ini for changing which way some things rotate.

Doing bg tiles and windows. Not happy with it but it's what I did.

Doing art for a thing. Testing out colours and shaping. Resized by 400%.

Just making a mini-version of my game SolarStar. Couldn't think of anything better at the time.

I was going to make a simple 2p game involving flowers, but I don't have the time to figure out KryoNet.

Maybe later.

wip. really it's just art, but I like to do stuff like this to slowly figure out how a game will be.

resized by 400%

May do some crazy BG stuff to it at some point. IDK. I like it the way it is.

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