Submissions from 2015-01-29 to 2015-01-30 (11 total)

This is the first frame of a scorpion walk cycle I will be making. I've been wanting to pick up drawing for a while, and conveniently I took on this project at work today (usually I work with JavaScript and other web languages, this is the first time I've ever had to draw for work). I began a version with shading/digital painting, but after realizing I should keep it simple since I'll be animating it (never mind the fact that I'm trying to hide the fact that it's amateur to the client), I decided to keep it simple

After looking at many pictures and videos, I began this by tracing a picture I found. I changed the body and tail shape, as well as color, to make it look more like the appropriate kind of scorpion (the image I used was a different kind that was much fatter, especially in the tail).

The final product will be reduced to 50% to 33%, which gives it a much cleaner look.

this time with a tablet. what even is a thing.

Feeling nervous...

A submission for Daily Art Warmup 29

Hey! Looking forward to the 2015 daily art streak (and a bit scared of it).


A submission for Daily Art Warmup 29

New sketchbook! Sketch in progress

I've wanted to play with 'voxel' style art for a while now, and recently got a copy of Qubicle 2, so I'm going to try and spend some time each day working on small models in it as my warmup. This is my first one, just a little highrise. I don't love the windows but it's tough when you can't add more detail. Maybe a different color would have worked better?