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Tachwedd is the Welsh word for November, basically.

Continuing the autumn theme, it's obviously the best time of the year.

Lots of sun, lots of rain, put them together.

Not really had the inclination to make music this week, other things going on.

Well maybe not, that was probably 2007 around here, but it's been pretty wet.

There's no indefinite article (a) in the Welsh language.

There are other things in real life I'm having to deal with which are slowing my productivity down but I'm still making tracks.

I took a very rash decision and zipped up all my unfinished tracks and put them away. There were so many, some had been there years and not been completed. I wanted to try and see what happens if I had limited tracks, and tried to finish them before starting a new one. Here's the first one.

Been having a bit of a mess with some interesting sequencers in Live 10 with Max4Live and made this very 2002-ish light FM melodic ramble. It's not a deep dive of generative melodies, quite obvious stuff, but it kept me amused and got me wanting to try something a bit more ambitious.

Still working on VCVRack bits elsewhere, so for a break here's a more traditional production. Mastering, as ever, leaves a lot to be desired, bit too much high end that needs taming, but generally I like the grittiness and fullness of this. Proud of the beat too, all individual samples, no breaks.

More VCVRack sounds, nothing spectacular but every patch I make adds to experience, that's my philosophy.