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Not having a phone camera to take pictures of all the traditional sketches I do makes this whole 'daily upload' thing very challenging. Have some sketches.

Also, I recently got into Miraculous Ladybug and lemme tell you, I do not care that it is a kid's show, it is fantastic.

Update on that WIP painting a while back. I'll probably do more of it today, but I wanted to upload before I forgot. :>

I couldn't take a picture of the thumbnail sketch, but here's the starting parts of a new painting WIth A Background~ and ofc flowers bc I'm weak. There's a bunch more to fill in, but I was super busy and that pose took me like seventeen tries so w/e.

The first painting is a WIP of an oc of mine, while the other is, wait for it, Miyuki and Sawamura. I've been binging on drawing them trying to get it right, I haven't achieved it yet, but they certainly look better. These are actually from the last few days, I've just been so busy I haven't been uploading. #sry

I was drawing a thing and it rapidly become a Detailed Painting. I'm baffled. Also, I was totally wearing that outfit today, two in one. :> Obv it is a WIP, I'll finish it later when my brain isn't sort of melting out of my ears.

3/? WIP

This painting might kill me. Next time there will be Color. :>