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The first painting is a WIP of an oc of mine, while the other is, wait for it, Miyuki and Sawamura. I've been binging on drawing them trying to get it right, I haven't achieved it yet, but they certainly look better. These are actually from the last few days, I've just been so busy I haven't been uploading. #sry

I drew TWO people together, this is a sign of the apocalypse, I'm sure of it. Also, they're definitely Miyuki Kazuya and Sawamura Eijun bc my tru name is trash bin. I'll probably finish this, it seems like the kind of thing tumblr would enjoy.

You know what, I'll have to stop drawing after this because I'm never going to draw a more attractive person in my life. Obv this is a wip, none of the coloring is done, but the inking is, and that's what we're here for anyway.