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Ended 3 years ago (2015-12-31T10:00:00Z).

Every day, draw yrself (or an avatar) in whatever clothes you are wearing. Backgrounds, setting, events, etc. are optional and without restriction. Have fun with it!

Show off yr #brand and see the latest in #streakclub fashion. Check it out, yo.


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I was drawing a thing and it rapidly become a Detailed Painting. I'm baffled. Also, I was totally wearing that outfit today, two in one. :> Obv it is a WIP, I'll finish it later when my brain isn't sort of melting out of my ears.

Trash Child: Me. I have to wear black pants and shoes for work, but my jacket is also black. I don't even like black very much.

As if I was going to take off my pajama's on my day off.

A submission for #streakclubfashion 81

really hard to get an outfit on paper :D but i'll have fun trying every day

Another really busy day, unfortunately. There is magic here but i don't think a 2min sketch really does it justice :P

Puffy coats are great, tho

Been working on a killer essay for school; haven't had time to really spend drawing. But it's done now, hooray!

Need to do laundry at some point, gotta up that fashion game.

not feeling very stylish today…