Trying some color palette and filters, but I'll have to reshape the character a bit tomorrow.

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Reddit is a good place to find pictures to draw in fact. Original pic

I just went through the Cycles tutorial - I didn't made the donuts but played around with the monkey and materials.

My PC is damn slow. Now I realize my graphic card isn't very good, but it should be ok for what I want to do.

It was fun! I also worked on a 1-page design document for the point & click/adventure game that I'm making in low poly.

Not sure yet if it's gonna be a point&click - with scenes - or an adventure game (3rd person, 2 characters) with puzzles.

It was really fun!

I'm gonna try to make a game with low poly graphics from scratch... aye! Why not after all.

Based on this nice tutorial

My scan makes all things a bit blurry. Lots of details. I really enjoyed doing it.

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