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Today I finally got to attend a figure drawing session at the Lansdowne Art Space. I intend to go every week, Mondays from 7 - 10 PM EST. If the pattern continues like today, we do 20 poses, so that leaves me to get 80 done before I attend.

I also streamed myself working on one of those Monster designs from my old failed project. I made the mistake of inking on Dura-Lar, which is great for ink but does not seem to work with copic markers... Ah well! I'll just do another pass of it on something more accepting of my tools. Onward!

Today's work was done in the Hands and Feet Sketchbook, after a long time of not keeping up with those. Now that I have a more permanent workspace, I can upload the work I do on paper!
I spent most of today backing my workstation computer up, reformatting it and reinstalling my programs, getting my Start Menu tiles in order and all that. I have a tradition of cleaning my workspace when new hardware is arriving, and likewise I have a tradition of cleaning my hardware when a new workspace is established. I do this often enough to keep my workflow relatively efficient. It has served me well over the years.
Happy Holidays, folks.

Haven't been feeling the best about myself lately, but getting things done! Inked some I Am Setsuna drawings that Penbee did and some figure drawings. Onward...