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Unexpectedly continuing this floral series

A submission for Daily Art Club

Fucked up the handle, but the other parts ain't half bad.

A submission for Daily Art Club

I've been sick for the past four days, I was finally able to get out of bed to paint this little guy on a purple cloud.
I think I need to stop drawing so small :o

A submission for Daily Art Club

screen capture of the midi input system im working on. even though ive done ~100/150(?)hours muscle memory into this system, im only just starting to try writing music with it. the metaphor id use is that the muscle-memory-training-games i used to learn this system are like READING... and now i have to actually learn how to WRITE with the system so its a bit different, the difference between reading and writing text maybe is the metaphor. all the pauses in this are me either a) thinking of what note to input next b) making typo c) trying to remember what the macro chain for a specific note/velocity is. the 2nd half of this video has a bit faster inputting of notes. also i just used the same velocity for all these notes, but when im not screencapping im working on getting better at inputting velocities between around 90-120 atm. also theres lots of functions that dont show up in this short video segment. pitching notes up and down octaves... changing velocity of existing notes. selecting a box of notes and deleting. all has similar but different muscle memory to learn for each function with typing on keyboard. still dont know if this makes any sense.

ultimately i want the muscle memory to be 3/4 times faster than this at least. dont know if it will happen but ill do some more inputting with it and see where it goes. i could get rid of the 4 bars and just keep using the first 2 bars, like i was doing here pretty much. thats half the muscle memory requirement gone if i did that, so should be twice as fast to learn. dont know yet. you can build these input systems a million different ways. are they worth it? probably not. you have to already know how to make music in DAW/play instrument. you have to be a programmer pretty much, and you have to sink 100s hours into boring muscle-memory-training game before even attempting to make this slow tedious inputting of actual music. id rate it . 0 out of 10 stars nah whatever but i dont recommend input systems,. like i keep saying. also i built the system just for index fingers... would probably be more ideal to build it for something like index and middle fingers... or use different hardware than qwerty/ergodox keyboard... or use talon voice-to-text software(no muscle-memory-training required for talon voice-to-text i guess looks good). which would be completely different muscle memory/no muscle memory and coding of the system layers in all cases. you can see why i talk about making a pixel-inputter system. since the muscle memory ive learned is basically to-do with inputting boxes onto a grid. its a 64 wide grid, 58 high. all the notes are limited to exact grid-coordinates atm, but i might build in things to move things slightly off grid etc.

you can see the keypresses i make onscreen. thats not normally in the code, just added for the illustrative purpose. its a lot of keypresses, but a lot of them are typos and theyre maybe nowhere near max speed yet............................. dunno. ill know in a month or 6 whether this is worth it. probably... not.. because of all the reasons i listed in the above paragraph.

the input system is doing everything in this. inputting the notes and getting ableton to play audio, mainly. most of the other functions arent shown in this clip. i think i move the pitch of an already-existing note once in this clip somewhere

also its fixed in the key of A minor/ any minor/major scale with no out-of-key notes. you dont have to build it this way.

i couldnt say for certain whether ill keep using this input system. maybe ill know in a month or 6. i think it could be stripped back in complexity and be good. dont know. ive made these input systems before over yrs
and learned them to some level so maybe i think it will work based on that. the goal would be 3/4 times faster than this inputting at least. otherwise i think i wouldnt use this system and chop bits out of it and remake it somehow and see if that works

the code for this is in the github link i posted a couple days ago if you go two posts ago the massive wall of comments i made on the post 2 days ago. its not fully finished code at all... ist just the version im working with atm. needs to be rewritten probably. its not good code. it is pretty well-commented code i think. it just does this 4bar editing of midi pretty much, its not set up for songwriting or made for multiple different computers or anything like that. im not super interested in helping people with these systems other than these text posts and any questions people have. although to be honest i wont be able to answer any questions. like its input chains. it takes a long time to learn the muscle memory.... idk wot 2 telya. write one for talon, then you dont have to learn 100 hours muscle memory. you need to know how to program to make these input systems so you gotta figure it out i guess. idk how much more detail i can go into... its input chains.... you make long chains of macros and write training games to learn the muscle memory. its an enormous waste of time

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