Submissions from 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-01 (10 total)

Why is this so hard to get right?

A submission for Daily Art

I really like doing gestures on these post-it notes maybe because the amount of space forces me to work within its confines and not get caught up doing details

While working today, I was stricken with an anxiety attack of unknown origin. It seems to have passed for now. Wonder what that was about?

Still learning how to drawthing and learn how to code. So I made these Character to give them a "Back story" and a story ingeneral so when I go to learn new thing for Unity I can create more then just learn something then throw it away and move on. I can learn and make something out of it . It's like when the beatles learn a new chord they would write a song around that chord instead of just learning it and putting in the back of there head.