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A submission for Daily Art

also tried tooling around with blender, hoping i can one day build maquette-like references

I'm able to get 40 figures down before I become fatigued with my current workload. Let's see if I can push that up higher going forward. Onward...

I wish I had a longer list of things to work on, which I'm going to get soon. Right now I can only work in segments of like 20 minutes, when I really just want to grind for 4 hours straight.

A submission for Daily Art

New assets for the game.

So yesterday when I was messing around with adding Controller stuff to my first game "BreakFest" I realized how shit they are! So I decided to remake the whole game! I decided there will only be 10 scene in it.It's my first game so I don't want to make something big right now I just want to learn more and this will be way better then it was going to be in the first place! I remaking the first scene right now. So I'm going to make alot of interactables for it to try and make it more best as I can!