Submissions from 2018-03-12 to 2018-03-13 (16 total)

i've tossed around the idea of creating a fire emblem inspired game for a while, but back then i told myself that i wouldn't be able to do it. we have access to too much technology and resources for me to keep being a quitter, so. I've decided to take this idea as far as I can.

with this in mind, I tried designing one of the main lords for the game. not quite satisfied with it, but it's a start

i'm very nervous and uncertain, but what do i have to lose? (except motivation i guess, lol)

A submission for Daily Art

someday, ill spend more than 20 min on a picture again

A submission for Daily Art

snes box art as reference

Was learning some more coding stuff and try to push myself more with that to learn. So a quick thing of shit from work!

From movie still.