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For whatever reason, I was unable to upload this yesterday. It wouldn't upload or submit all day for me.

From movie still. This was hard.. eyeballed the color wrong and then focused too much on isolated areas to get the shading of the face right.

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swapped today and yesterday's submissions by accident

A Cool Dog for a Very Cool Guy, @sirjoeseph_23rd on twitter

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A submission for Daily Art

photo reference used

(Painting practice, looking at the work of Piotr Jabłoński.)

Still very new to pixel art and Drawing in general. New to work more on pixel stuff more to and animation! I still find it crazy how drawing with a pencil and a tablet are two different things. Also On top of all of that learning how to us Unity and coding on top of all this! But I am so deep into it, I will learn how to do it ALL!