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This came out surprisingly good, it actually looks like me when I can't sleep.

for some reason the only thing i can't logically see him wearing are shorts and he's the kind of guy that orders all his clothes from an abercrombie and fitch catalog

My second interview is tomorrow. I'm also finishing up my work for an inker role test. I hope I succeed at both. Onward...

Worked on some wood grain tonight. I don't think it's horrible, but it needs a lot of work.

A submission for Daily Art

photo reference used

A submission for Daily Art

oops forgot to upload yesterday again D: but yeah i just worked on the lineart of this drawing, and finished colouring just this morning!

A submission for Daily Art

Very low energy today :(

Had a painting blast yesterday evening.. here are my results. Painted them side by side as posted here

A submission for Daily Art

big fish theory (Vince staples)