Submissions from 2018-01-24 to 2018-01-25 (20 total)

A submission for Daily Art

i've been in a weird slump with drawing

The bottom part is what I worked on today. The "trees" need more texture to actually look like trees

Burnout. Tried sketching things for that OC meme thats been going around. Drew a few figure drawings, but fell way below my posting threshold of 10 figures, so I'm not even going to bother to include it with this post. Onward...

wanted to try a complicated animation and perspective

A submission for Daily Art

I was super tired today and didn’t feel like doing exercises. So instead I drew some crap on a big piece of paper (A3) with an ink brush (a few of them where not drawn today but most of them were).

Not super high quality, but I got paid 2 GRLC (Garlicoin) for it!!!

30 min - 15 min. Original: Photo reference from internet

quick sketches feel useful for learning both strengths and weaknesses. I'd say this scene is pretty weak, but thats all right: Can only improve what's weak by knowing weaknesses first