Submissions from 2018-01-14 to 2018-01-15 (20 total)

I was working on dynamic shadows today and needed some light sources - so I made a lamp and a few candles.

I did a clay pot for my game, full of water.


A submission for Daily Art

couple faces from imagination. I'm getting better, but long way to go.

Testing Paintstorm Studio

Took a trip to Atlanta, GA today to spend time with someone special. There was a guy going my way who was dressed in a football jersey and sweatpants along with a royal cape and studded crown. He shouted at the football game playing in an adjacent airport bar - my notes read: RUN IN THE BALL, so decrees the GRIDIRON KING. Tremble all ye who bespoil his lands with poor sporting strategy. Unfortunately, I think his team lost, and to the team from my neck of the woods from what I heard. Some heads will roll tonight, I suppose! Onward...

I decided to try more human anatomy this time, I have problems with poses, and never really know how to position limbs well. I also wanted to make it look a bit erotic, which is another thing I am bad at. It turned out ok, though I should probably use references.

Partly photo referenced