Submissions from 2018-01-10 to 2018-01-11 (23 total)

A submission for Daily Art

Animated more heads for male player characters

I didnt get much done today. Was navigator for my dad and the GPS led us on a wacky adventure through the mountains in the King of Prussia area. By wacky and adventure I mean infuriating and waste of time. We were not pleased when the GPS led us to a highway that was, yes, technically located behind the Costco, but completely inaccessible without multiple 10 and 20 mile rigamarole, This was the least productive training day and I'm quite miffed about it. Ah well, I tweaked this turnaround I'm doing to make a model with at least. Onward...

I decided to try pencil tonight because I can better recover from my mistakes.

I've gotten a start on my next job, which is pretty exciting. I have 2 big ones coming in, so I should get some new work equipment in the near future, which is extra exciting.


A submission for Daily Art

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Playing around with housing blocks.