Submissions from 2021-09-13 to 2021-09-20 (9 total)

I was playing a lot of persona 5 this week and was inspired by the sparser style of music that plays in the background for most of the game. I kinda like how this one turned out overall, but I think some of my choices for the percussion could have been better.

A live improv techno song with Eurorack doing percussion (and growls, and some weird melodic stuff) and Future Retro 777 doing the bass. I was doing this while smoking ribs outside. Loop-based, but hopefully simple and fun.

I streamed this. You can check it out,

Still not enough time to write and sing lyrics. Maybe I'll revisit this one because I think it could be a song. I started yesterday with the bass line from the intro and went from there over the course of the week end.
Hard to stay motivated in challenging times but I'm taking one week at a time to put more music composing / playing under my belt for the whole year and use the momentum to work on full-fledged songs in 2022.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Back to acoustic guitar this week, with a very simple track, played sort of free form and recorded in one take. It has multiple parts and could probably become a more structured song in the future, provided I record with a click track or add drums. I added a few effects and subtle synth parts to add some variety. Once again it's in DADGAD tuning, I've been listening a lot to Pete Huttlinger's brilliant album McGuire's Landing on which he uses that tuning a lot, and I've become quite obsessed with it. Not really satisfied with my playing, I really need to practice... but it felt good playing guitar again. Recorded with an AT2035 mic and as well as acoustic pickup as DI, synth effects with the Surge plugin, effect plugins are Calf Vintage Delay and a linuxDSP (now Overtone) RVB500 reverb, DAW is Harrison Mixbus.

Had some very nice moments of chilling and sitting in the sunlight today after some very difficult couple of days. This acoustic pieces tries to convey the feelings I had whilst in those moments.

Decided to give a name to our streaming project with this inaugural track thats a hypnotic kind of minimal part from our jam session this week.

High quality on Soundcloud:
More links to video/audio here:

I was uninspired, nothing really worked. The only way was therefore to go back to the basics with Funky bass and Dog samples!

Still waiting for the inspiration!

Like a lot of my tracks this started as something else and ended up being this private-eye glitch tune.

This one started with a sparse and syncopated rhythm I imagined, and grew a bit organically from there: first vibes (removed) and PureMagnetik Berlin electric piano, and then PureSalem Mendiola guitar lines (straight into the Focusrite). Finally, a pass with Epiphone bass. My timing is very loose on this one.

There's the usual processing here: Drums are the 64 Pad Kit Jazz with Humanizer. Bass gets the usual EQ-8 rolloff. One guitar gets high-pass Auto-Filter with drive. Sends: one echo and two convolution reverbs (one large, one small). Wide & Warm audio effect rack preset on the output.

The title comes from NGC 89, a peculiar spiral in Robert's Quartet.