Submissions from 2021-07-19 to 2021-07-26 (10 total)

I ended up just working on the previous week's song, but I didn't end up finishing the arrangement since I was rather busy with other things I wanted to do (like some commissions that I can't share here). I did add a few parts but I didn't really extend the arrangement so it's like last week's song with a few minor tweaks.

Sorry for being lazy

I decided it's time to graduate from GarageBand to a big boy DAW, so I downloaded a demo of Reaper this week. This song has some fun ideas in it I think, but I would have liked to develop it more given more time. Also, after listening through the final mix, I realize I probably should have put some more reverb on the rhythm, a mistake I've made before :P

I stay on the sound experimentation path with this week's piece, consisting of two Lyra-8 (through Microcosm) live takes complemented by Wavparty samples for the beat.


Better audio quality on Soundcloud:

As I am fully occupied with a theatre festival this is just a little clean electric guitar playing in a short break. Everything is on the run :) F minor pentatonic

To be perfectly frank, this tracks bears some resemblance to some tracks I recorded in the past. The chord progression at least is the same. I had probably that in the back of my mind when I was running the other day. I love thinking about music when running, the mind is doing its own thing of taking a track, finding counterpoints, new ideas, playing with a riff and morphing it in all kinds of directions. So i had the main bass stuck in my head and built from that.

I spent more time on this track than I usually do, which allowed me to go pretty proggy there. There are A LOT of layers in this track, which may not necessarily be a good thing in itself. The mix is a bit full. Also the mid part is a bit strange, it does not flow perfectly but that's ok.

I spent some time on the intro, trying to work on this part that I usually oversee or do very simply. It's not a perfect but there is an idea there to work on again in the future.

Anyway, here's a sci fi track, with some synthwave vibe!

made for ohc, kinda rough but i like this song. might rerecord at some point : )

It'll be good this time
to watch the sunset
Don't let your mind wander off
it'll take you back to
all the bad places

And don't let your thoughts intrude
When you see
a wreck so beautiful
All you crave
in your brain
is for your hands to take me there

You unlearn, you unlearn
how to swim, how to breathe
How do you even cope in the first place?

This is - as usual - an excerpt from Tuesday's jam session that we stream weekly on Twitch and YouTube. It's actually two parts - a kind of random soundscape intro that smoothly (well, almost) transitions into a dubby, spaced out trip with a bunch of solos and soundscapes on top of a unchanging rhythmic riff.

Find it high quality here:
And also the full jam session:

This is the result of many sleepless nights this week, and it probably sounds like it. ;)
Polyend Tracker & Wavparty sample pack.

Here's a piece I started late in the week, with no plan in mind. I started with a beat that wasn't particularly clear or strong, relocated the 1, and then worked up some variations. The kit: Ableton's 64 Pads Dub Techno Kit, with 90% randomization on a lot of beats, and a touch of Max Humanizer, as well as echo send on the 2 and 4.

Bass: 80s Epiphone Embassy II, direct to the Focusrite A/D--there are two tracks of bass here, one higher on the neck (panned slightly left) and one lower (center). The higher one got Auto-Filter high-pass, while the lower one got EQ-8 with the low end rolled off 6dB, rather than cut entirely.

Guitar: home-built Res-O-Glas with Lace Alumitones, straight into the Focusrite. There's AudioThing Wires on this, 50% blend.

Sends: Ableton Echo, one convolution reverb, and Valhalla Supermassive on the guitar.

Title comes from M81, a Grand Design spiral galaxy.