Submissions from 2021-07-05 to 2021-07-12 (10 total)

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 27

I whipped something up really quickly and now I'm hungry from using my brain.

I started doing this song on stream, but when I couldn't really come up with anything I just ended up recording an 8-bar loop and then added some content in Bitwig, like an arp bass, some synth pads, and orchestral ensembles, and now it sounds like a synthwave song.

It's super short because the stream didn't really go that well from a creative output point of view.

Heh -- I don't know what I'm doing with drums or mixing :P

This has been a crazy week, and I just started that track a couple of hours ago, starting from the end melody from my previous submission that I really liked. This one starts with the percussion samples from last time and then slowly morphs into a more electronic track. Made on the Polyend Tracker, with Philarmonia orchestra samples and a WavParty sample bundle for the electro part. The track lacks a bit more structure work, and I'm pretty sure I found a bug in the copy/paste function on the Polyend, or it's just than I'm tired and I messed things up. But as time is running out, I'm releasing this as is. :)

It's getting tighter every week and I couldn't start before today with just a few hours to work on this track. I've had a Hologram Electronics Microcosm pedal waiting in a corner for a test drive for some weeks now, so I decided to record as I go while testing this fantastic effects box. I ran the bass through various effects, scraped and arranged some of the results into this aptly named piece.

Better audio quality on Soundcloud:

This is another track that comes from experimenting with sounds and different textures. Combined with DNB type drum samples, I got into this high speed, take no prisoner kind of tracker. Made in FL studio, with mainly FLEX synth, some Harmor, and KJ Sawka drum samples.

I had to tweak this track quite a lot. I had a few of the lines on Friday night, but re-arranged the track a couple of times to find the final flow.

The name comes from how the light shifts toward the blue spectrum if you go towards a star at extremely high speed.

A pentatonic-oriented piece with a constant rhythmic synth keeping a pulse throughout, on top of which I layered distorted guitar, bass guitar and drums. Simple recipe, but great fun.

: )

thanks for checking up on me
i'm emotionally dead this week

could have had
better days
but my bed is stealing time from me today

and i'm totally uninspired
and i'm tired.
i'm totally uninspired

This one goes up late for me, though not late for this year's streak. This one is another all-Danelectro-baritone piece, which started with syncopated drums (64 Pad Kit Jazz), got a keyboard line (PureMagnetik Berlin Rhodes), and then a bunch of baritone parts (basslines, chords, lead figures).

My initial pass at collaging these together...just didn't work. So I let it sit a day or so, and reassembled it from sections that I knew worked. Now it's kind of a summer jam.

Drums got some Max Humanizer and some randomization, as well as increased drive from Drum Buss. A couple guitar lines got high-pass auto-filter with drive, and a few got the Glue Compressor. Baritone bass got a bit of EQ-8 low-end rolloff, but not like my real bass does.

Sends: one room-sized convolution reverb (with high-pass auto-filter in front), Delay, Echo, and Valhalla Supermassive.

The stereo mix got an audio effect rack, on the Master Wide & Warm setting--a bit of a change from my usual, but it sounded better here.

Title comes from the number 79 being a Happy prime, Lucky prime, and Sexy prime (with 73).