Submissions from 2021-05-10 to 2021-05-17 (11 total)

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 19

What I'd forgotten to submit the other week. Just a short, cheerful loop. Might flesh it out.

A submission for Weekly Music 2021 19

I like certain elements of this one, particularly the main melody and some of the harmonies. But I still have to work on making more idiomatic drums and improve my mixing. And the guitar solo in the middle is a bit... weak. Would have liked to rerecord a few of the tracks and made the performance a bit cleaner, but I might clean it up and post it on soundcloud later.

I did this for 2HTS:

"By the time I got to this it was masked behind a copyright claim for YouTube

Cribbed from some great piano players - will my livestream of this session get silenced?

This is a little bit of an absurd callout to when streamers play classical music legally on their streams, and then suddenly Twitch will mute the video and slap DMCA violation because their performance is too similar to some classical professional performer's recording owned by a record company."

It kind of has some goodness in it, but I forgot to side chain, and the mastering chain really crushed the dynamics so it wasn't quite what I wanted to hear and I cut it too close to the end to adjust it.

Re-arranged and mixed intro part from our jam last Tuesday. I am happy with it but also I feel like the drums don't sound correctly at all, and some elements are not nicely balanced.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Full jam session:

A bluesy track for a bluesy week. Lineup consists of guitar, bass guitar, Lyra-8 (several tracks dowsed in Valhalla Supermassive reverb) for strings, as well as LABS drums. I lacked motivation and inspiration this week. This is true for this description too.

Soundcloud for better audio:

Here is a simple track that came to me during the week, really more or less as it got recorded. The full thing appeared in my mind - this is usually the red flag that I am plagiarizing something and have been turning it in my head over and over unconsciously. After listening to it again, indeed the main piano riff is a variation of the piano lines used in the track of a few weeks ago, Deathslingers.

I went for a more noir feeling (noir, like film noir), but it has this pirate/jig feel with the triplet rhythm. Everytime I think about film noir, it takes me back to the wonderful movie Le Samourai. Great movie but the thing that fascinates me the most with it is the sound recording, especially the sound of footsteps in Paris metro. I just love this sound, hence the footsteps in this track (and in other tracks I did last year like ).

This is mostly FLEX synths for the piano, Sakura for the standup bass. Samples are from Splice and also from some cool drum samples provided by Music Radar (check that out if you were not aware of it: ).

This is a bit of a speedtrash, short and simple but I kinda like it for its simplicity and not too much overthinking.

I had very little time for this track since I have been very busy with moving back to the city I work in. But with all that finally set I picked up my guitar and just let it go for a C minor looper improv. Then today I also added a bass guitar layer and here it is :) Just like magic.

This dark, hypnotic and repetitive track is all that came this week. It kinda screamed for heavy distorted guitars to go to industrial territory once again, but somehow I resited. All composed, mixed and exported on the Polyend Tracker.

Another track that sort of just happened, started out with the underwater plonking noise and went from there really. Yeah.

A crowded weekend--I still tracked everything, but didn't get the pieces arranged until Monday evening. (The way the deadlines fall this year, that works out.) It's a short piece, a bit sloppy (trying to fiddle with latency settings here), but it has a pleasantness to it.

All Danelectro baritone guitar (the 1449 reissue from 2008) straight into the Focusrite A/D--two tracks of both pickups (lead and bass), one of just the bridge (rhythm). Drums: Ableton 64 Pad Kit Rock with Max Humanizer. Keys: Puremagnetik Mark Two Berlin.

Sends: one convolution reverb, one Echo (with LFO auto filter in front of it), Valhalla Supermassive. Multi-band full-chain on the output.

Title comes from 71 being the algebraic degree of Conway's constant, which describes a property of look-and-say sequences.