Submissions by Aletheia tagged solo-post-rock-guitar

A late submission as this was actually recorded, but due to being away and other issues I didn't get to post it. This week will probably be the same. A solo melancholic guitar with a looper.

While I gather ideas and techniques for more electro-orchestral piece I like to just chill and play some guitar. Here a software called Wotja does the background while I freely improvise on top.

So literal late submission as in fact I did finish the song on Saturday...but literally rushed on the door to work on the previously mentioned theatre festival and then the thought of it simply vanished out of my head. I had just two hours to work on this - so it's another solo guitar piece, but I like that it sounds more evolving and stable. Considering I had 4 wasted takes and the fifth one full of mistakes after 5 minutes...I am very pleased that this last one (as I was really getting late) ended up as it did.

I had very little time for this track since I have been very busy with moving back to the city I work in. But with all that finally set I picked up my guitar and just let it go for a C minor looper improv. Then today I also added a bass guitar layer and here it is :) Just like magic.

Still away from my usual setup so another very simple, chill track with post-rock clean electric guitar and bass. The delay system is like last week made in VCV Rack which I used as pseudo-daw to record the bass layer (using one of nysthi's plugins). One-take improv on both instruments.