Submissions from 2015-05-30 to 2015-05-31 (6 total)

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Ah, my awesome perfect little application has no flaws and does everything I want it to. And if it doesn't quite get there, well, I can either tweak it, or I know how to work around it. The joys of working on a project where you are the only user.

Things change when other people start poking at it!

So just to make things interesting, here is the first alpha of my game launcher/management program, MyBacklog. The windows version only so far. Hopefully someone in here has a windows machine and would be interested in testing it. Just run the installer, and launch the app. A lot of things should be self explanitory. I'd love to know what is confusing, and have elected not to provide much of a readme to see how learnable the interface is.


  • If you haven't been following along, I use this launcher to store a record of all my games and where I purchased them
  • It syncs with a few of my most used existing game digital storefronts
  • It can organize your game collection, and you can launch all of your games from one place - without being forced to buy everything from one place to accomplish this benefit
  • I've enjoyably been eating my own dogfood and using it for a year


  • No way for user to easily add new service types - the add game list is fixed
  • No way to set emulators for the built in rom support, so on other computers than mine rom support is basically not there
  • Tons of other stuff that I want to add :)

A submission for Make games. 126

I moved to a brand new loft today, so I'm exhausted and have no Internet at home.

I started designing a basic wave system on my laptop though. I'll post some pictures of it when I make it to a starbucks or something.

It's designed to be polyvalent, and not restricted to one type of game, so I'm hoping I can use it for a ton of things, and maybe even sell it on the asset store.

The goal of this minigame was making the easiest possible game demo that has movement and collision detection for teaching purposes. Here's the source with German language commentary:

function love.load() -- hier werden zu Beginn einmalig Befehle ausgeführt
  sx,sy = 700,300 -- stehen für Spieler X- und Y-Koordinate
  cx,cy = 50,300 -- stehen für Computer X- und Y-Koordinaten
function love.draw() -- hier werden Bilder und Formen gezeichnet"fill", sx, sy, 50) -- Großen Kreis (Spieler) zeichnen"fill", cx, cy, 25) -- Kleinen Kreis (Computer) zeichnen
function love.update() -- hier werden Veränderungen berechnet
  if love.mouse.isDown("l") then -- falls Mausknopf/Touchscreen gedrückt/berührt
    if love.mouse.getY() > sy then -- wenn Maus/Finger höher als Spieler ist...
      sy = sy + 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach unten
    else -- ... in allen anderen Fällen
      sy = sy - 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach oben
  cx = cx + 5 -- Bewegung des Computers nach rechts
  if cx > 800 then -- Beim Berühren des Rechten Randes
    cx = 0 -- wird der Computer nach links versetzt
    cy = math.random(1,600) -- wird die Höhe des Computers zufällig berechnet
  -- Wenn Spieler und Computer einander nahe sind
  if math.abs(sx - cx) < 50 and math.abs(sy - cy) < 50 then
    cx = 0
    cy = math.random(1,600)

I figure some of you could use this to learn some German! :D

Needs LÖVE to run

minimal.love759 bytes

Another little update, with new sprites/objects added in the project and in the room (scene).

A finishing point too with a little message when the player go on it.

I need to work on a better collision system with some bouncing and add another room.

Added another model from Blend swap, made by WangMandingo.

Found some good music for the soundtrack.

Experiemented with the opening scene.

Wrote some loose dialogues (Which I probably won't end up using)

Thinking about making a chat bot to accompany the player in outer space.