Submissions from 2015-05-21 to 2015-05-22 (7 total)

So I've actually moved a significant portion of my Scala code to Haxe, though I've ran into a problem with the library I'm using (though it could be on my end...). The tool itself is meant to have two parts: the engine, which consists of a mark-up language of sorts and a parser to check the design calculations; and the UI, which (hopefully) will end up looking like a HUD or datapad ripped from 80's/90's mecha/cyberpunk anime (Gundam, Akira, Evangelion, etc.). I haven't even started the UI, though the Scala-version of the engine is around 20-25% of where I want it, mostly a proof-of-concept.

The idea is to make the design as simple as possible. Instead of writing out every detail of price/weight/damage/etc. for each item in the mech, you list the mech's equipment, structure, and load-out, and the tool analyzes your design and lists any errors or inconsistencies in the calculations. Using the engine directly would be similar to using a compiler for code. You give the engine a text file, and the engine returns the exact same file with added notes where appropriate. Eventually, the UI would work by updating an internal "file" in memory, feed the file to the engine, and use the errors and such to respond to the user with various cues, (such as simple color flashes, sound clips, or text hints) hopefully in a way that mimics the feel and images of those famous shows.

Also, I'll return to MGS eventually. I love Mechs, and I most certainly want to finish my game with them. I just tend to get too wound up in details and "the systems" of a game after working on them for too long, so I'm taking a break to refocus and gather my thoughts.


A submission for Make games. 117

Played around with how to create an installer and thought some more about what this might feel like as an end user. No real deliverables for today.

File i/o

A submission for Make games. 117

I don't have any cool gifs to show today, since i'm working on importing/exporting XML files. It's going pretty great, Unity is so fun to work with.

A submission for Make games. 117

Started blocking together the base of hopefully the next enemy, and made it so plants respond to movement by any object with physics applied to it.

Sometimes I try to make melodies with the uke to be used in games. This time I made a really short and simple loop. Sounds like waiting.

Simple Uke Melody Loop.ogg199kb

Made in Qubicle, rendered in Qubicle. Wasn't sure how to get rid of the gray frames, but I'll figure it out.