Submissions from 2015-05-18 to 2015-05-19 (6 total)

A submission for Make games. 114

More mybacklog work. Feel very close to a finish line. Game id hashes seem to work correctly, and every weird thing I try to do seems to act about how it should be expected to act. You can edit games, add games, and import games, and they update existing entries where possible, and create new entries where mergine the entries would be too dangerous/weird. The hash was definitely the way to go. Only thing I'm not thrilled by, is when the hash changes and all of the references have to be forcible updated. The algorithm there is quite inefficient. But who cares. It works fast enough on my 1300 entry database. If someone has enough games in their database to make it take a couple extra seconds to update an item every once in a while when a hash changes...... they have a bigger game addiction than I do!

But my time was cut short by my copy of Witcher 3 in the GoG galaxy client activating. Galaxy is still a bit new, and I can't launch games inside it from mybacklog yet. So I just ran it the old fashioned way.

So the work on Around the World in 80 days continues. I'm worried that the scale of what I'm trying to accomplish is too much...

But I'm soldiering on!

Here is Passepartout standing, walking, carrying a bag (the life of a servant is rough...) and arguing with a Japanese merchant over the price of a pair of shoes (merchant not pictured, or even created yet...)

Plus, the work in progress shot of one of the trains you will be able to ride on. And you will spend a lot of time on trains.

Meh... Thinking I was going to restart The Readers in a different game engine, I spent my game development time on making a base project and getting the structure just right. Then I went back to Unity anyway. Unfortunately, I had already deleted my previous local and remote private repository because I reached my limit for GitHub. My scripts were pretty simple, so I'm not too bummed out about it, and I think having to start over may be a blessing in disguise. My workflow has changed and it's nice to get a fresh start. But I spent way too much time mulling over whether or not to switch engines. I'm using Unity Personal right now, but in the next month or so when I start working on the production version of ijo, I'm going to have to purchase the subscription to Unity Pro.

So. Tomorrow I'm going to start working on environment design and recoding my simple dialogue system.


A submission for Make games. 114

Made the brush disappear when outside of the grid. Also added draggable UI boxes.

I started an XML template of how I'm going to store level data, but I need a lot of work to have the UI generate itself based on the available tilesets. Lots of i/o in my future!

A submission for Make games. 114

Added basic attack to player.

A submission for Make games. 114

So, haven't been posting here as I haven't done any work on the game, but I have done quite a lot on my little chat thing, its no longer really URL based, which is kinda sad, as it was kinda cool and unique, but now it has some nice things, like while still being anonymous, you can see when the person talking changes, give it a try:

(btw, big bug right now, please don't add an ending slash when you type in the URL for that page.)