Submissions from 2015-05-07 to 2015-05-08 (6 total)

Well, I'm not quite done with enemy guns and level-gen stuff, but it's storming outside so I'm posting early and turning my computer off for the night, in case the power goes out.

A submission for Make games. 103

Started working on an anemone creature, that will be made out of the Plant physics pieces, its interesting as it got me to use both the skinning functions in a way I hadn't thought of: apply a small force depending on position to give a rounded shape, while still acting like a normal plant pole, and a haxe feature I've never used: binding a value to a function, so I can pass extra info to the skinning function without Plant class needing to know about that info beforehand. Basically what it means is instead of passing a function that takes 4 arguments, all of which it is fed by the skinning code, I create a function with 5 parameters, and bind a value to it beforehand, and the skinning code still sees only 4 arguments, and doesn't complain.


A submission for Make games. 103

I made a particle/gibs system for the spike traps, and started working on a few improvements in my code, mostly to remove a lot of collision checks by structuring things in a smarter way. I was also planning on doing pixels buuuut I'm a cafe and I forgot my mouse, so that'll have to wait.

I just added a loading screen to a previous game. Tomorrow I'll do more stuff.


A submission for Make games. 103

I went through most of the Fungus's tutorials:

I was pondering between Twine and Fungus for an interactive fiction I'm working on... Watching all these features, I think I'm gonna try Fungus.

My journey with Luxe continues.

I got the parcels working and was able to import and display graphics now, so the placeholder graphics should disappear over the next day or two. I ran into some major headscratchers with importing textures and json files and having them be available to Luxe, but I figured them out after some frustration. My problems came with everything being loaded asynchronously. I thought that the Luxe ParcelLoader (which I thought was a preloader, but actually isn't) would hold the game until all the assets were finished loading but it doesn't. I had to add all my sprite and game initializations into a load_complete function and add if(sprite==null) return; to the top of my update() loop to prevent it from running before all the assets are loaded.

I wrote a pretty substantial blog post about it here.

Now that the cat is running in the game again I've cleared another major hurdle. Now once I get the remaining graphic assets in the game I'll be officially where I was at the end of last week when I switched the engine from HaxeFlixel. Actually, a little ahead because I have the collisions for the boxes and stuff working now and they weren't before. My last problem with the graphics is getting the sprite to display offset from the Shape that controls collisions. I'm sure it is a simple fix but I just haven't found it yet.