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My journey with Luxe continues.

I got the parcels working and was able to import and display graphics now, so the placeholder graphics should disappear over the next day or two. I ran into some major headscratchers with importing textures and json files and having them be available to Luxe, but I figured them out after some frustration. My problems came with everything being loaded asynchronously. I thought that the Luxe ParcelLoader (which I thought was a preloader, but actually isn't) would hold the game until all the assets were finished loading but it doesn't. I had to add all my sprite and game initializations into a load_complete function and add if(sprite==null) return; to the top of my update() loop to prevent it from running before all the assets are loaded.

I wrote a pretty substantial blog post about it here.

Now that the cat is running in the game again I've cleared another major hurdle. Now once I get the remaining graphic assets in the game I'll be officially where I was at the end of last week when I switched the engine from HaxeFlixel. Actually, a little ahead because I have the collisions for the boxes and stuff working now and they weren't before. My last problem with the graphics is getting the sprite to display offset from the Shape that controls collisions. I'm sure it is a simple fix but I just haven't found it yet.

So now the physics of the game are working correctly, the cat can jump, and the code to randomly generate new buildings is coming along nicely. The art is looking ok.


  • Main Menu/Start Screen (probably will be combined into the game screen
  • Game over state (substate over this one)
  • Saved local high scores


  • Music
  • SoundFX
  • Varied buildings (Canabalt has cool windows and building interiors you can run through).
  • Extra background elements
This is a weekly game, so I'm probably not going to hit any of the wants. The Needs are looking a little sketchy at this point, honestly. I'm traveling this weekend.

A submission for Daily Art Club

Cat jumping and falling

So I started on my affectionate parody/clone of Canabalt called Catabalt. It will play extremely similar to the original, but you are a cat. And giant robot mice will be in the background. Yay for originality!

EDIT - Lets try the gif again...