Submissions from 2015-05-06 to 2015-05-07 (6 total)

Mostly thinking and planning today. I want the levels to be procedural, so I'll probably use Theta* with a range limit for path-finding. Not really sure how the group-to-group sighting and aggro should work though. I'll continue thinking, but if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions. For now, I'll get enemy mechs shooting back at the player, as well as damage and death working. Sadly, my time got eaten by chores. Boo. :P

A submission for Make games. 102

I fixed a very subtle but annoying display bug where objects and the background would sometimes be out of sync by one pixel when the camera moves. It's been there for too long, and I didn't have any other ideas!

I'm done with wall-sliding (at least this iteration of it). I also started designing a new trap that might be way fun or way too difficult. More on that later.

Also, I think I will beat this streak's record when I hit "Submit"? Thanks everybody for keeping me motivated :D

It's horrible, but I made it in under one hour. Tomorrow I'll improve the code and probably the title too.

Great progress with Luxe and the Catabalt remake. I've got the base logic nearly done, collisions detecting correctly, my states set up and working, increasing difficulty and running at a steady 60fps in a browser in HTML5.

Luxe is performing like I hoped it would. Giving me plenty of options but then staying out of my way and letting me implement the way that I want to. The code this time around is much cleaner than my first attempt. Some of this is because I'm not hacking around the HaxeFlixel stuff I don't need for the game because of the engine change, but a good portion of it is because I rewrote all the code from scratch and I'm not iterating or making the mistakes I did last time.

I'd share a link to play it, but I'm still fighting with getting Joomla to embed HTML5 games correctly, so a GIF for now.