Submissions from 2015-05-05 to 2015-05-06 (7 total)


So for Erik, I just focused on the conversations some more. I added commands for characters "entering" and "exiting" the conversation in the middle of it. When the volunteer is chosen to collect firewood, he starts walking off to do his job while the remaining characters continue conversing. I've also inched forward in making the characters appear natural. There was a silly bug where the command to have a character look at a point makes them look AWAY.

I've also made it so characters choose between running and walking depending on their distance to the target. If they are far away but summoned to a conversation they will get there as fast as they can! I'm pretty happy with the system, and less happy with my writing :P

Missing: better smarts about where characters should stand during the conversation - they should pick the nearest available logical slot rather than just randomly picking any x/y in range.


For my game launcher, I worked on the steam/gog api usability. If there is an error logging into either service, a window pops up to let you check that your account information is input correctly. It feels pretty janky, but it's better than the program crashing if steam is down or you entered your gog password wrong!

Idle time

A submission for Make games. 101

Not much done today. I felt really tired all day. I'll try going to bed a bit early tonight and try again tomorrow.

I struggled with wall-sliding particles for a while. Since the camera doesn't actually move, those particles need to be move downward at whatever speed the platforms are going, but also match the player's world position. The gif below is an in-progress shot before I eventually got those particles working like I wanted to. I'm too tired to post a gif of it working tonight.

I also started implementing spike traps. I'm not happy with how they look yet, and I still need to add an appropriate death animation.

A submission for Make games. 101

Toyed around for under 10 minutes with plants:/

I'm proud of it considering the little time I have.

I'm starting to like Luxe. I still don't like it as much as HaxeFlixel, but I'm still fighting to learn it, so who knows. One thing that I do love about it so far is the way that it handles States.

Basically today I created a Finite State Machine to control the game states in Luxe. What is cool about how Luxe handles them is that I can switch between them easily, or I can enable them individually to have multiple states active at once. I'm going to use them to create modular behavior for entities that I can reuse. So for instance, I can create a SearchState where the entity will wander around trying to find the player and I can add that state to every entity in the game to give them all that ability.

The same states can be used to run the game logic too.

I wrote a whole long blog post about it here if you are interested.

Aya is a supporting character for the readers.