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Figured everything just needed more particles. Sorrynotsorry.

Been messing with particles for most of my free time.

I'm not too sure how to make a satisfying thruster system. Most games have a local particle system, but i like the idea of a small trail that's anchored in the world space. I'll try tilting the local particle system I have now to see how that looks.

Worked on more explosion effects and converting RigidBody's AddExplosionForce to work with RigidBody2Ds.

I'll be a lot busier throughout the month because I'll be moving out of my place very soon, so I apologize in advance for the lack of juicy gifs. I will, however, do my best to work on something every single day and keep my streak going.

Also one day I'll find a name for this game.

I struggled with wall-sliding particles for a while. Since the camera doesn't actually move, those particles need to be move downward at whatever speed the platforms are going, but also match the player's world position. The gif below is an in-progress shot before I eventually got those particles working like I wanted to. I'm too tired to post a gif of it working tonight.

I also started implementing spike traps. I'm not happy with how they look yet, and I still need to add an appropriate death animation.


A submission for Make games. 100

I'm currently eating cheese.

I am also in the process of adding particles when wall-sliding, but it's currently not cooperating. I think it's being weird because the particles are a child of the player, and as such move in its local space instead of the world space.

Anyway, more progress tomorrow, I hope.

I missed the meetup I was going to attend tonight to show my new game, so instead I'll just show it here.

I think the mechanics are pretty self-explanatory ;)

Today, I added dust particles when the player lands/hits walls. I also broke the physics so the player jumps every 2 frames, it's great.