Submissions from 2015-04-23 to 2015-04-24 (4 total)

The right muse is out there, I know it! I have some new musical ideas, which hopefully lead to something good. It's just a bass-line and some drums, but have a listen anyway:

MGS03 (125 BPM).ogg390kb
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A submission for Make games. 89

Feel bad submitting this, may work more later.

I started working on a laser-beam trap today. I also did a lot of refactoring to the trap and platform spawning systems, so that they are distance-based, and not time-based. This way I can mess with the game speed at will.

I also updated the art for the collectible coins, but I think I need to switch those out for something more interesting. What do alien frogs want to collect?

I made this image a .gif instead of a .png. I read somewhere that helps for rendering in some applications -- Twitter, in particular.