Submissions from 2015-03-06 to 2015-03-07 (6 total)

I hooked up the active "task" minigame up to the erect tent action. So when you go to erect a tent you have to wait some time, and can speed up the process if you want to spend endurance. I made a new json file to store all of the time settings for task types. You can now attempt to set up a tent and fail miserably.

Just like in real life!

  • File length: 150 lines -> 73 lines.
  • Renderers split into their own object, now changeable at will.
  • General cleaning, a lot of scaffolding code removed.
  • Unintentional bugfixes!?
A great feeling of catharsis comes when cleaning up your code from 'well, it works' to 'it works well', even internally. One of the big changes I've made was splitting the drawing code from the object itself. At first I was hesitant due to the idea of having all of an objects' functions tied to their respective object, but I'm seeing a flaw in this style of coding. Really rethinking how I want to go forward, in terms of coding style.

A submission for Make games. 41

Converted every keyboard command in the game/editor into a macro-powered, json based, run-time remappable form, yay:D

So I was working on a demo internally, and I mostly ended up just fixing bugs.

I totally forgot to add a "demo info" page, so I'll have to put the demo off until tomorrow.

Did multiple minor tasks again today. Also changed the layout a bit, I think it looks a lot better now, what do you think? (I'll add an image below). Help and Diplomacy buttons are currently not working, I'll add their functionality later, maybe even tomorrow. :)

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Next is going to be some variation of jumping or climbing (leaning toward climbing?) for platforms.