Submissions from 2015-02-27 to 2015-02-28 (5 total)

So, there's a lot to do, but it seems manageable.

  • Computer Artificial Intelligence
  • Sound & Music
  • Multiple players
  • Polish and juice!

A submission for Make games. 34

Today I kept up my enthusiasm, which I'm so happy about, ending my over a month dry-spell, did another simple but cool AI thing, noise detection to make it more sensible for enemies detecting you when not in line of sight:


So, just as promised, did some coding today. Added an option to choose a name for the kingdom and also created a settings popup. Currently it contains only two buttons - save and load, though. :)

I also did some thinking about design and UI options for the game and also did some SEO for the Crystal Kingdom blog.

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Yesterday's update can be found here.
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