Submissions from 2015-02-20 to 2015-02-21 (6 total)

So I was thinking that maybe a shadow title library would be cool, so I pulled something together.

I'm not impressed, and it probably won't make it into the game, but it was worth trying out.

Working on building more interactivity into the game. This involved a little bit of refactoring as a lot of my animation code was hardcoded into the characters. And the tents aren't characters. I mean, I guess you could draw a face on it and anthropomorphize it, but that can only get you so far. So making all objects able to animate is the better path.

Oh, and the blue boxes are showing spots the ai will navigate around, so the dynamic collidable objects for pathing is in there now too. (Actually ended up finishing that last night)

Added chunks as an object in the code - this allows me to make a level editor game state with proper chunks - before they were placeholder datum until the editor design was finished.

Next up: Adding ecosystems (larger states containing smaller sets of related states which share information)


A submission for Make games. 27

You can smack enemies now! Once you hit them, they fly off the screen.

This was a pretty productive day. I added a new building - barracks and new resource strength. It will be used to attack other players and defend from their attacks. Also did some minor improvements not worth mentioning. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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I got sick again. I also have a lot of work to do in the next couple days/weeks, not sure yet, but there will be little new content in that time. I did something today, but not really programming. Have I ever mentioned I love JSONs?