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Taking a break from figuring out networking to work on a generic character controller that will function with both the online and the offline code.

Gonna have to post a no-picture update tonight. I was working with getting some A* pathfinding integrated, but was side-tracked by something non-game related. Hopefully I'll have something to show over the weekend.

Very light day, I decided to take it a bit easy. Tomorrow I'm going to an indie meetup where we all work on our projects, I'll be there at least 4 hours. Rather than do a lot of coding tonight, I'm just going to do some planning and design work, that will give me a nice chunk of stuff to focus on tomorrow. Nothing really to show, except that I've named the characters for the opening scene.

tracker - Trask
mother and son(player) - Yelda, Erik
young widow - Ulressa
father and his 2 boys, and their grandmother - Stone, Bok and Breen, Glae
mother father and baby - Sifa, Tan, and Babe
older unmarried sister and brother - Jes and Id
single man - Luka

Do any of the names sound really dumb?

A submission for Make games. 13

Got some basic states in on test enemies, and just follow behind behavior, also tweaked and styled the page for my interpreter:

More doodles from A Simple Act! Busy day, trying to start Elli's chibi

So I've been a bit crap at keeping the streaks going this past week. However! That should massively improve this next week since I have 5 days of holiday to do nothing but make my game :D

But for this evening I continued working on the map editor. I've been adding the interface, you can click the different brushes which changes the tool and paint the first tile. Just gotta make it so you can paint the rest of the tiles as well.

Hopefully will have this functional by the end of the weekend as I need to get cracking on units, movement and combat to have an MVP ready for Rezzed in case anyone happens to ask to see it...

(please forgive the weird layout of the "interface" so far :p)

When the player achieves a high score and loses, a less somber variation of the game over music will play.

For reference, the game over music.

And the high score music.

added a bouncing gel, the player bounces on it so does the box

pretty obvious :D

no screenshot today tho :(

I played around with the light's a bit and reworked the code to some simple if statements in the Update() (Method/Function? I then went to work and read from C# In a Nutshell, I could grasp some of the concepts early on but eventually it began going over my head.

Keep up the good work everyone :D


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Hello everyone. Today I bring to you an overhauled level generating algorithm. Now levels can be generated of more than 1 layer of blocks. There can be theoretically infinitely many, but it wouldn't bring much. The pic shows the 4 pillar arena with 3 layers. All pillars have a "roof", as well as the Hill thing in the middle.